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California State Assembly passes bill authorizing retail sales in CBD food, supplements

A bill that passed Wednesday in the state assembly clarifies food, drinks and cosmetics that contain hemp-derived CBD are legal for sale in California. The California State Assembly on Wednesday passed a bill that would...

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Hemp News From Texas, California and Georgia – Great, Good and Blecch

GREAT NEWS FROM TEXAS: This week, the Texas State Senate UNANIMOUSLY passed House Bill 1325, based on the Roundtable’s Model State Act. The bill would launch a hemp growth program – making Texas the 44th State in the USA — and...

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Why Solvent Free?

Nowadays, marijuana users extensively use cannabis concentrates (also known as dabs) to vape. Cannabis concentrates are known by a variety of names such as wax, shatter, budder, hash oil, kief, rosin, moon rocks, crumble, resin,...

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