June 21, 2017: Santa Monica, California and Toronto, Ontario – The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. (the Company” or “Tinley“) is pleased to announce the launch of its creamy chocolate squeeze supplement.

The product contains 55 10mg servings of phytoconstituent-rich hemp extract, coconut-derived MCT oil, lactose-reduced whey protein, premium raw cacao as well as terpenes that are commonly found in whole-plant hemp extract. It is designed to be eaten on its own or mixed with coffee, smoothies, desserts and anything else that could be enjoyed with a chocolate twist.

The squeeze supplement is also designed to be mixed with Tinley’s cannabis beverages, which are set to be available for retail sale in scale shortly, to create chocolate rum and chocolate amaretto desserts and cocktails. It is the first product to be branded under the “Tinley Tonics” banner, which aligns with the Tinley-branded cannabis drinks.

The new product employs the same micellization technology that is used in the Company’s “Hemplify” drinks. This technology is designed to enhance the absorption of ingredients into the bloodstream and across the blood-brain barrier, compared with standalone oils.

The Company’s key distributors have agreed to take shipments of this product and work to place it in retail locations where the Company’s Hemplify hemp extract drink are currently available. These distributors also expect to place the product in coffee shops and cafes so that it may be sold as an add-in to coffee and smoothie products. This represents an additional expansion opportunity for the Company within the fast-moving, trend-setting on-premises channel.

We believe this product offers a delicious, versatile alternative to standalone extract oils, with the benefit of enhanced absorption and nutrients such as MCT oil. Furthermore, the placement of Tinley-branded products in both dispensaries and conventional retail channels represents a two-fold opportunity: Increased mainstream brand exposure in an industry where significant restrictions on advertising exist; and economic participation in the $35 billion mainstream supplement industry,” said Jeff Maser, CEO of Tinley.

The squeeze supplement is currently available at For wholesale enquiries, please contact the Company at

About The Tinley Beverage Company, The Tinley Collective and Hemplify

The Tinley Beverage Company (Toronto, Canada) has developed a line of cannabis-infused beverages for use in jurisdictions throughout North America where such products are permitted. It is under contract with The Tinley Collective, a California Cooperative Corporation that is engaged in cannabis procurement and distribution within California’s medical cannabis system. Tinley’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Hemplify, Inc. (Santa Monica, CA), manufactures the “Hemplify” and “Tinley’s Tonics” line of products. “Hemplify” is a line of fruit-flavored, sugar-free, vegan, drinkable supplements that contain hemp stalk extract. This extract contains terpenes and other phytoconstituents. Each product also contains 9-12x the potassium electrolyte content of major sports drinks, 200mg of Omega 3 and excellent sources of 9 vitamins, including 100% DV of Vitamin C, B12 and D. The Tinley’s Tonics squeeze supplement is a creamy, chocolate blend of hemp extract, MCT oil and lactose-reduced whey protein. The Company’s products are produced 3

with patented technology designed to elevate absorption into the bloodstream, ensure shelf stability and mask the oil’s taste to deliver delicious, refreshing flavors. The company is selling its products in retail locations California and online throughout the United States.

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