LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — – Grey Cloak Tech Inc., (GRCK) today announced a strategic partnership with Canbiola, Inc. (CANB) to list their products on the marketplace.

  “We’re pleased to be doing a Joint Venture with, for the simple reason CBD.Co does the rigorous vetting of all of the products that reside on their site, that’s a creating incredible Marketplace for CBD vendors that qualify,” said Marco Alfonsi, CEO of Canbiola Inc. (CANB) in a recent interview with Grey Cloak Tech CEO Patrick Stiles.

“It’s important to have our two companies work together to create a marketplace that’s amenable to everybody’s thought process moving forward because at the end of the day it’s all about sales. If you can’t sell a product and can’t get the word out there, you get stifled,” said Marco Alfonsi.

To kick off the relationship, Grey Cloak’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Stiles, interviewed Canbiola’s CEO, Marco Alfonsi, and Medical Advisory Board Member, Dr. Robert Kornfield, discussing the partnership and the Canbiola products.

These interviews can be found at 

The video interviews are part of’s brand new initiative, CBD TV, to create video content around CBD and educate consumers on the different brands and products. CBD TV includes interviews, product reviews and education related to hemp and CBD.

Canbiola announced in the last quarter of 2017 they established a manufacturing agreement with a 3rd party manufacturer in the U.S. whereby Canbiola will be able to directly manufacture at manufacturers cost and white-label others’ products with no upfront fees due from Canbiola. This step makes Canbiola self-sufficient so that we no longer must rely on outside manufacturers, while greatly improving our operating margins from the reduced costs associated with the new agreement. Having this Strategic Alliance with the manufacturing process allows them to leverages state of the art nanotechnology using ultrasonic sound waves to break down the CBD molecule to the size of 30-60 nanometers. This technology leads to high bioavailability of the active ingredients.  

Canbiola also has 5 medical advisors on staff including Dr. John P. Salerno,

Patrick Fratellone M.D. RH (AHG) FIM, Smita Ohri M.D., Dr. Harry Benisatto who advise on research and product development.

“We feel 2018 will be exciting for our two companies working together. Moving forward, I think we can tackle the market together,” said Mr. Alfonsi. also started taking Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies last week. Opening up the different payments that its customers can use on the site.

Patrick Stiles, Grey Cloak’s Chief Executive Officer said, “Canbiola is the exact type of brand we want on the marketplace. They are a premier brand with unique proprietary technology. I’m sure our customers will love their products.”

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