Vancouver, BC – February 6th 2018 Quadron Cannatech Corporation (CSE:QCC) (the “Company” or “Quadron”) reports increasing sales of its next generation custom cartridges and vape pen consumption devices to the ever-evolving cannabis market.

The cannabis market is undeniably moving toward extracts as researchers have witnessed early from the US just how fast the oils and concentrates market is developing. The concentrates market in California generated $169M in sales in the second quarter of 2017 alone. Vape pens accounted for 61% or $103M of dollars sold (BDS Analytics – September 2017).

Quadron’s in house team of cannabis industry specialists, chemists and engineers, work at the frontier of extract science engaging in equipment design/manufacturing and processes, and ancillary product manufacturing.

Over the past 3 years, Quadron personnel has engaged in extensive research to understand how various extracts and product formulation works with different vape pens, cartridges and manufacturing processes. Working closely with ancillary product manufacturers, Quadron has developed unique and proprietary vape pen and cartridge technology specifically designed for cannabis extract.

Quadron’s ancillary products and services are fully integrated with its equipment and laboratory environments. With emerging recreational and medical trends and developing regulations in mind, Quadron’s team of diversified cannabis specialists work one on one with clients to develop unique formulas, branding, packaging and labelling solutions.

Rosy Mondin, President and CEO of Quadron stated, “These recent product developments resulted from numerous discussions with a broad base of industry participants and listening to their needs. Quadron is rapidly being recognized as a leading-edge designer and manufacturer of extraction/processing equipment/services, and of end user delivery solutions such as vape pens, capsules and other safer consumption solutions for patients. Quadron is also able to provide clients with customized branding and packaging solutions.”

About Quadron Cannatech 

Quadron focuses on ancillary equipment, products and services for the authorized cannabis industry by providing a full array of end to end extraction and processing solutions including sales of alternative end user delivery options for recreational and medical consumers.

For further information: Rosy Mondin President and CEO (604) 346-8118

Investor Relations Contact: Caleb Jeffries 1-866-684-6730