There’s a common misconception that vapes are hard to clean; however, once you have the right tools for the job, you’ll find that it is actually quite easy. Even the best e-cig has to be cleaned once in a while. We understand that it’s important for your e-cig to be clean, which is why we’ve made a guide to help you through the process. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced vaper, you can clean it yourself.

Before we get started, we should describe why it’s important for you to have a clean vape. When you buy new flavors, you likely want to get the best out of them. When you don’t clean your vape properly, you might find that different flavors will mix together and the final taste won’t be the same as you imagined. Flavors that contain caffeine, for example, can provide you with a bad aftertaste when you don’t clean your vape.


This is the simplest way to clean your vape. However, it isn’t as thorough as other options. To clean your vape by rinsing it out, you should fill a bowl with lukewarm to warm water. Next, you should look at your mod.

Find your tank and remove it. If you see any liquid in the tank, you should pour it out and subsequently disassemble the tank. Now, your bowl of water will come into play. You should take the pieces from your tank and place them in the water. Mix them around to ensure that they’ve been rinsed thoroughly.

Once they have, you can dry the pieces and put them back together.

A Thorough Cleaning

Much like the aforementioned rinsing, you’ll want to start with detaching your tank from your vape.

To start off, you’ll want to disassemble the tank from your vape so that you can have access to all of its parts. There’s only one main difference between a thorough cleaning and a rinsing; that is, you’ll have to use vodka instead of water. If you don’t have vodka, another form of pure alcohol will perform well. Alcohol is one of the best ways for you to remove grime and dirt from your vape because it purifies the surface.

You should take the different parts of your vape and place them on a towel in front of you. Next, you’ll want to pour some vodka on a cloth and scrub each part thoroughly. When you’re sure that you’ve cleaned every part, you can place them in a bowl of lukewarm water. You may want to rinse them several times to make sure no alcohol is left over.

Once you’re done, you can dry the pieces, let them sit for up to 20 minutes, and reassemble the vape.


If you enjoy using vapes but you aren’t sure how you should be cleaning your e-cig, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because we understand the importance of having a clean vape for your needs.

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