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Cannabis Company Sponsors Cruiserweight Boxing Champion in Recent Fight

Getty There is no shortage of anti-cannabis bias coming from various professional sports leagues. We’ve reported extensively about the NFL’s ban on medical marijuana and their continued refusal to allow players to use the plant for pain management, potentially replacing pharmaceuticals. Even a harmless 4/20 joke told on Twitter landed a punter a drug screening from the league. The MLB, NBA and NHL are no better when it comes to their substance policies for players. Perhaps even more hypocritical and ridiculous is the fact that these leagues have no problem advertising for alcohol products, but ban cannabis advertisers. Professional...

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California Bill Would Ban Advertising and Branding by Cannabis Businesses

Getty One of the most controversial subjects in states that are preparing to implement a newly legalized cannabis industry is how to handle restrictions on advertising. The idea is to restrict the potential of inadvertently advertising to minors, while still allowing businesses reasonable ways to market their products and brands. In California, a bill was introduced last month that would severely restrict small cannabis businesses’ ability to advertise or brand themselves at all. The bill was introduced by Senator Ben Allen, and has unfortunately received complete support from lawmakers so far. Senate Bill 162 has already received a unanimous...

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