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Prohibitionist Group Wants Pro-Marijuana Billboards in Arizona Taken Down

Getty A group known as Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy is claiming that pro-marijuana billboards in Arizona sponsored by Weedmaps are spreading false information about cannabis and want the ads taken down. The billboards in question highlight the findings of recent studies that show that teen marijuana use in places like Colorado and Washington is not on the rise and that states with medical marijuana programs have seen a decrease in opioid-related deaths. We have reported on both here at The Marijuana Times. The ARDP says those studies are misleading and outright false. To back up their claim, the...

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Opioid Maker That Fought AZ Marijuana Legalization in More Trouble

AP The pharmaceutical company behind the much-maligned opioid Fentanyl is in hot water yet again, this time under investigation by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who says the company – Insys – has been deceptive and downright fraudulent in their marketing and selling of Subsys, a spray form of Fentanyl. Charges were officially filed late last month. “Insys lied to insurers, concealed key facts from doctors and patients, and paid doctors sham ‘speaker fees’ in exchange for writing prescriptions, all in order to increase the sales of Subsys, without regard for the health and safety of patients,” Brnovich said....

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