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Some Changes Have Been Made to California’s Marijuana Rules

Much has been made about the apparent slow rollout of the recreational cannabis sales market in California. Various factors have combined to inhibit the explosion of economic activity expected in a state with a massive population that is already used to legal cannabis. At times, the state agencies overseeing the legal cannabis industry in CA have seemed overwhelmed. To be fair, there is a lot involved when it comes to a state the size of California and the licensing of several thousand marijuana businesses in the first year alone – while simultaneously reigning in hundreds of unlicensed businesses operating...

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Central Valley Cannabis Cup Approved for On-Site Sale and Consumption of Cannabis

Since some states have begun legalizing and regulating the possession, consumption and sale of cannabis, there have been more and more events popping up where cannabis is the theme – but few of them have allowed on-site consumption or sale of cannabis. One of the most well-known events of this kind is the High Times Cannabis Cup – which historically started in Amsterdam and now has had events in various states in the U.S. for both medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers, growers and producers. While the preparation for the High Times 4/20 SoCal event in San Bernardino didn’t go...

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Big Moon Sky – Where’s the Weed?

With half of California’s most populated areas still waiting for a recreational dispensary to call their own, one out of five Californians will have to look elsewhere for legal cannabis. United States, CA – 03/20/2018 Napa, CA – It’s been more than 2 months since regulations came into effect making the adult use of cannabis across California legal and many would-be cannabis consumers are still waiting, wondering where they can actually buy their recreational cannabis… and how? Currently, if someone wants tested, legal cannabis products they must either seek out a recreational dispensary, or possess a medicinal marijuana licence....

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Authorities in California Order Weedmaps to Stop Listing Unlicensed Marijuana Businesses

Getty The California Bureau of Cannabis Control has ordered online cannabusiness listing giant Weedmaps to take down advertisements for companies in the state that do not have valid licenses. In a letter to Ghost Management Group (owner of Weedmaps) CEO Doug Francis dated Feb. 16th, the Bureau said that “must immediately cease all activity that violates state cannabis laws.” The letter goes on to say that because a cannabis business in California needs “a valid state license from a state licensing authority…to legally operate a commercial cannabis business within the state of California,” Weedmaps must remove all listings...

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Cal NORML Opposes Bill to Suspend Licenses of Underage Drivers

Cal NORML is opposing a bill, SB 1273 by Sen. Jerry Hill (San Mateo), that would authorize police to test any drivers under 21 for marijuana and automatically suspend their licenses for one year if any detectible amount of THC is found in their systems. Cal NORML denounced the proposal as a misuse of enforcement resources. “SB 1273 will do nothing to make the roads safer or reduce youth drug abuse,” remarked Cal NORML Director Dale Gieringer. “What it will do is encourage police to indiscriminately drug test young people for no good reason and take their licenses without any evidence...

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Volunteers Ingest Cannabis to Help California Police Identify Stoned Drivers

Legal cannabis comes with some things that most people might not think of. One of those things is how legalization potentially impacts the safety of our roadways. Up until very recently, smoking cannabis around cops would be a terrible idea. But that is precisely what a group of volunteers did in the Santa Ana, California area. The volunteers participated in what were called “green lab” field test experiments, with the goal of aiding police and other public servants in identifying drivers who are stoned. Volunteers agreed to take field sobriety tests at the beginning of the experiment, while they...

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