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California Released Temporary Regulations for the Cannabis Industry

A little over a month ago, Alex Traverso, spokesman for the Bureau of Cannabis Control in California, announced that they would be issuing new regulations in November. Last Thursday, those regulations were released – but they will only be temporary, issued under an “emergency rulemaking process” because there was not enough time to hold the needed public hearings prior to the January 1st deadline. “There certainly will be licenses issued on Jan. 1,” said Alex Traverso of the Bureau of Cannabis Control. While they do expect to have some businesses licensed and ready to open on January 1st, it...

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Will Taxes be Too High on Legal Marijuana in California?

Getty According to a new report from the global credit ratings firm Fitch Ratings, taxes on legal adult-use marijuana in some parts of California could equal or even exceed 45 percent. “High tax rates raise prices in legal markets, reinforcing the price advantage of black markets,” the firm said in the report. “California’s black markets for cannabis were well established long before its voters legalized cannabis in November 2016 and are expected to dominate post-legalization production.” In other words, if taxes raise the price of legal cannabis too much, most people will stick with their illegal dealers. Licenses for...

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Can Marijuana Damaged by California Wildfires be Salvaged?

Image Courtesy of Jeff The 420 Chef Dozens of marijuana farms have been destroyed during the most recent spate of wildfires to rip through California, leaving many growers without product to sell to the adult use cannabis retail stores set to open in January. A lot of these growers used their life savings to grow their crop, a crop that they could not insure thanks to federal law, even though their farms are completely legal under state law. But there may be a way to salvage some of the damaged crop according to Jeff The 420 Chef, an author...

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Dozens of Marijuana Farms Burned in California Wildfires

Getty The most destructive wildfires in California’s history have been devastating the state since earlier this month, destroying hundreds of thousands of acres, thousands of structures and costing at least 42 people their lives. Few industries have been spared the devastation, and the legal marijuana industry was not one of them. According to Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the California Growers Association, at least 34 farms had been destroyed as of last Friday, a number he expects to go up as more data comes in. “Just the scale of this event is kind of numbing,” Allen said. To make...

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California Confirms Recreational Sales Should Begin January 1st

Almost a year ago, four more states made the bold decision to vote in favor of cannabis legalization – and California is preparing for legal sales of recreational marijuana to begin at the start of the new year. While Nevada followed Oregon’s model, allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to sell to adults 21 and older while they prepare licensing and regulating new cannabis businesses, California, Maine and Massachusetts all decided to hold off until 2018 to begin sales to recreational customers. California is shaping up to be the first state to have their fully functional recreational cannabis market open for...

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Is E-Commerce the Future of Legal Marijuana?

Getty For years we have watched as technological advancements improved countless industries and countless lives. From digital media to air conditioners, there have been improvements to goods and services since the 1930s that are too numerous to list. The cannabis consumers market, on the other hand, has seen very little improvement. In fact, in about 80 years, the only advancement in that area was the invention of the bong. This, of course, was due to the prohibition of cannabis. There was no need for advancements since competition was restricted and no one in the business had any interest in...

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