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Will Marijuana be Legalized in Canada this Year?

Canada’s road to marijuana legalization began in late 2015, after the election of The Liberal Party and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. For about a year officials worked to create a list of recommendations concerning legalization, which they released in December of 2016. Legislatively, things got moving in the summer of 2017 and there have been several delays since. Now we are getting reports that even further delay could be a possibility. Three separate Senate committees are calling for amendments to the legalization bill, with the Senate Aboriginal Peoples Committee calling for a delay of up to a year. They...

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Canada’s Legal Cannabis Sales Will Be Delayed Past July

Legal sales of cannabis have been a long time coming for Canadians as Prime Minister Trudeau announced the introduction of legislation to do so back in April 2017. This was a year after the then newly elected Prime Minister announced his plans to legalize the plant. Since last November, the country has expected legal sales of recreational cannabis to be available to consumers by July of this year – but it appears now that due to scheduling, the official launch of legal sales will instead be more likely to happen sometime in August or September of this year instead....

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Canada’s Legalization Bill Passed Another Hurdle Towards Reality

For over a year now, Canada has been working towards the goal of legalizing cannabis throughout the country for adult use and sale. This move came with the election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2015, who promised during his campaign that legalization was on his agenda. About a year ago, the Canadian government’s legalization task force turned in their recommendations on how to go about regulating marijuana. Earlier this year, ‘The Cannabis Act’, or Bill C-45, was introduced with the goal of repealing cannabis prohibition and allowing adults 18 and older to purchase the herb from a licensed...

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