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Cannabis Legalization in Michigan Looks More Than Likely to Happen in 2018

In 2016, Michigan was very close to being one of the states that got the opportunity to vote on whether to legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older – but due to a change in the signature certifying process, the ballot initiative (led by MILegalize) never reached voters. This year, things appear to be going better for a group of activists who are proposing the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, and who just recently turned in their signatures. The Bureau of Elections announced that they estimated that organizers collected 277,370 signatures that were able to be validated,...

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Is Recreational Marijuana Legalization Dead in Australia?

Australia’s Minister of Health is knocking down hopes that a Green Party plan to legalize cannabis for adult use in Australia could see the light of day, saying the government would oppose any such plan. “Our job is to protect the health of Australians,” Hunt said. “This action by the Greens risks the health of Australians.” Hunt, like many people who haven’t really looked into the cannabis issue, believes marijuana is a gateway to other drugs, an assertion that has been debunked time and time again. In a statement accompanying the announcement earlier this week, Richard Di Natale of...

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Maine Lawmakers Move Forward with Plans to Implement Voter Approved Retail Cannabis Sales

In the past two days, Maine legislators have made more progress implementing regulations for the commercial cannabis industry than they have in the last two years. Cannabis was legalized by voters in the November 2016 election, and since then the law allowing possession and home growing of cannabis has gone into effect. But the retail industry that would allow dispensaries to open for adults 21 and older cannot get underway until the state puts regulations in place. Last year, a bill was passed by both the Senate and the House, but it was vetoed by Governor Paul LePage. Lepage...

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Cook County Votes in Favor of Legalization – Will Illinois Lawmakers Listen?

As the national majority becomes more and more in favor of legalization over prohibition when it comes to cannabis policies, it should come as no surprise that the second most populated county in the country just voted in favor of legalizing cannabis. Cook County, Illinois – home of the city of Chicago, for those who are not familiar with the area – voted largely in favor of legalizing marijuana on a non-binding referendum on Tuesday. Though official results are not in as of this writing, unofficial results from the Cook County clerk’s office said that after all reporting was...

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Maryland Might Vote on Legalizing Cannabis This Year

Getty Lawmakers in Maryland may give voters the opportunity to legalize cannabis in this year’s fall election. In Maryland, ballot referendum can only be introduced by lawmakers, and this wouldn’t be their first attempt at putting a referendum for a constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis on the ballot. Last year, a similar attempt was made but failed to pass. Voters and activists hope that now that more states have legalized – including Vermont where lawmakers made the call themselves – there may be a better chance that voters will get to be heard this year. “The public is actually...

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Canada’s Legal Cannabis Sales Will Be Delayed Past July

Legal sales of cannabis have been a long time coming for Canadians as Prime Minister Trudeau announced the introduction of legislation to do so back in April 2017. This was a year after the then newly elected Prime Minister announced his plans to legalize the plant. Since last November, the country has expected legal sales of recreational cannabis to be available to consumers by July of this year – but it appears now that due to scheduling, the official launch of legal sales will instead be more likely to happen sometime in August or September of this year instead....

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