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This Software Startup is Being Called “The Amazon of Weed”

Getty As more layers of the cannabis prohibition onion are peeled back, more demand for various products and services start to emerge within the industry. A software startup is meeting one area of need, offering customizable software to dispensaries and retail locations, with an emphasis on regulation compliance and attention to detail when it comes to specific customer requests. That software company is called Meadow, and their platform is being called “the Amazon of weed” because they provide customers with a flashy digital storefront on the surface, and automated patient record management on the back end. While there are...

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Startup Creates App Using Artificial Intelligence to Find Your Perfect Cannabis Strain

Getty Technological advancements have the capability to improve the quality of the customer experience in just about any industry – and the cannabis niche is certainly no different. Specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) has increased the efficiency of operations in banking financial services, marketing and sales, and sports and entertainment. Now, a startup called PotBot is utilizing AI to help select the perfect medical cannabis strain for patients. The PotBot app starts off by asking the user/ patient to provide it with their specific condition and symptoms. Within seconds, the app searches through peer-reviewed medical journals in order to give...

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