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Marijuana and Watching TV with Your Kids

Any parent who has spent a considerable amount of time watching the TV programs liked by their children has likely come to the same conclusion: what kids watch is pretty much garbage. I know that is a broad generalization, but it’s not far off the mark for most reading this. Children have less-developed brains and are still mainly in learning mode, so what they watch is usually either chocked-full of information adults already know (ex. Super Why), or it is totally devoid of any educational purpose whatsoever and is basically an amalgamation of silly and basic jokes (ex. SpongeBob...

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The Golden Age of Marijuana Paraphernalia on the Internet

For many, “paraphernalia” is a word that carries as much stigma as the word “marijuana.” To some, it was the name of a charge you could get in most places in the United States not too long ago; “possession of paraphernalia,” etc. But the word paraphernalia itself simply means “the equipment needed for a particular activity.” A baseball glove would be baseball “paraphernalia.” When it comes to cannabis consumption, any equipment you use for that consumption would be cannabis paraphernalia. As mentioned, it was not too long ago that cannabis paraphernalia possession was a crime in many places in...

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Most People Find Marijuana Use Morally Acceptable – Should That Matter?

A new survey from Gallup asked respondents how they felt about a whole host of what could be considered “vices” by many in this day and age, and whether or not they found each individual “vice” morally acceptable. Some 65% of poll respondents said they found marijuana use morally acceptable, which is a higher rating than things like the death penalty, abortion and pornography got. In fact, the 65% for marijuana is similar to the numbers support for legalization often gets, suggesting that many link moral acceptability and whether or not something should be legal. On the surface, this...

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Survey Says Cannabis Consumers are Sick of Stoner Stereotypes in Entertainment

Stoner stereotypes have been around for decades, since the days of the classic ‘Cheech and Chong’ flicks, and even before. A new study conducted by New York-based strategic research agency Miner and Company indicates that legal cannabis users are ready to see various forms of the entertainment they consume shred the tired pothead trope. Of the 800 participants in the survey, 77% of them are employed full-time and earn an annual salary of $75,000. About three quarters of the participants were either married or in a long-term relationship, and also had children. These figures are obviously a small sample...

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Everything You Need To Know About Bongs

Call them what you will: bongs, straight shooters, bubblers, hookahs, calabash, corn-cob, hubble-bubble, whatever. A bong is a brilliant bit of kit and has been in use, in one form or another, for hundreds (possibly thousands) of years. The name comes from baung, the Thai word for “cylindrical wooden tube”. That is a fair description, though these days there are many types of bongs and waterpipes available in various materials such as plastic, glass, ceramic, bamboo and even paper bongs are available to buy or to make. What is a Bong?  Usually used for consuming the cannabis herb, a...

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New Survey from Colorado Focuses on Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

One of the biggest debates that swirl around the concept of cannabis legalization is how it will affect the number of people who are driving while under the influence of marijuana. Because of this, the amount of studies on the subject seems to be steadily increasing. A new survey out of Colorado – a state with legal recreational cannabis sales – sheds some light on how people there feel about “stoned driving” and just how dangerous it is. The Colorado Department of Transportation conducted a survey of some 11,000 anonymous drivers, marijuana users and non-users both included, to get...

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