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Doctor Says Cannabis Saved Filmmaker Kevin Smith’s Life

In the past, we’ve reported on how cannabis has the ability to heal people of all ages and backgrounds – and maybe even save lives. Joining the ranks of those healed, or possibly even having their lives saved, by cannabis medicine is filmmaker Kevin Smith. Smith, 47, recently suffered a massive, life-threatening heart attack on February 25, which caused him to have to cancel the second of two stand-up shows he was scheduled to perform in Glendale, California. After experiencing difficulty breathing, Smith was rushed to the hospital. He had a 100 percent blockage of an artery and needed...

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How to Control the Effects of Your Cannabis with Heat

The high associated with cannabis consumption can take on many forms – and while much of it will depend on which strain is used, there is still a lot you can do to control how your experience turns out. For example, edibles offer an almost entirely different experience compared to smoking, and vaporizing and smoking aren’t even as alike as you might imagine. In order to understand how you can customize your cannabis consumption experience, you need to take a quick look at some of the different cannabinoids in the plant – each of which offers a different effect....

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Ways to Come Down from Too Much THC

When it comes to consuming an intoxicating substance of any kind, especially for recreational purposes, you need to be aware of how much you are consuming and what your personal limit may be. In much the same way as how some people can drink a six-pack of beer without getting drunk and some can’t even finish one, there are also people who can smoke bowl after bowl of cannabis and never feel too high, where others may get too high after only consuming a relatively small amount of marijuana. Of course, the only way to learn your own tolerance...

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Opioid Manufacturer That Fought Marijuana Legalization Wants to be a Bulk Producer of Cannabinoids

Regular readers of The Marijuana Times are probably familiar with the name Insys Therapeutics. The opioid maker came to prominence in the cannabis community initially because of their $500,000 donation to a group fighting a marijuana legalization ballot measure in Arizona in 2016 (the measure eventually went down in defeat). It soon became clear that Insys was fighting legalization because they had plans to release their own synthetic spray derived from cannabinoids. About a year ago, Insys got approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration for their new synthetic THC drug – Syndros – to be placed on Schedule II...

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Insurance Company Makes $1 Million Payment to Marijuana Grower Whose Crops Were Destroyed

Several months ago, I wrote an article about cannabis growers in California who had their crops destroyed because of the wildfires ravaging the state. In the article, I referenced the fact that having your cannabis crops insured – even in a state where growing is legal, like California – is nearly impossible. This is because cannabis is still completely illegal on a federal level in the United States and insurance companies don’t want to take a chance on cannabis cultivation, as well as hesitation on the part of cannabis growers to have people poking around in their business. But...

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Cannabis Company Grown Rogue Unveils its Seed-to-Experience Concept and Products

Founded in Oregon in 2016, cannabis company Grown Rogue is pushing the envelope on what a company in the marijuana industry should be. They are a business that is focused on the environment, the community and educating consumers about the cannabis plant. And while they have products available throughout Oregon, products like outdoor and indoor-grown flower, nitrogen-sealed pre-rolls and extracts including oils, shatter, sugar and wax, that’s not what makes Grown Rogue so unique. What sets them apart from other businesses in the cannabis space is their seed-to-experience model. “Our mission is focused on community integration and consumer education...

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