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Stoner Jesus’s The Three Kings

Three Kings came riding from the east, Sativa and Indica and Hybrid, Three Wise Men riding through the heat, Travelling at night when the burden was least, Following a beautiful star, like their forefathers did.   The star high in the sky, beautiful and bright, Guiding them to see a new king, To see the one who would show them the light, Teach them the ways of high as a kite, To learn the new knowledge he would bring.   Three chalices they carried upon their camels, Three chalices with golden holes, Their robes made of the finest flannels,...

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It’s the holiday season, which means consumers are looking for that perfect gift for loved ones. A Christmas prankster posted a stoner-themed holiday item on – a “Weed Marijuana Leaf Christmas Tree.” The item didn’t stay up on Wal-Mart’s website for very long, as it was removed on 12/13/17. Whoever posted the product probably won’t keep their job long after the holiday party, either. Because as you know, hilarious things like this product are never well-kept as secrets on the Internet. Most people who initially saw the product were probably tipped off to the fact that it was...

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Being Green in the Marijuana Industry: HiSierra Dispensary Bags

Being a relatively new legal industry, the cannabis industry has a unique opportunity to develop good habits and practices early on – habits and practices that companies in other, older industries are having trouble adapting to. One such example of this is being environmentally friendly, and one of the companies at the forefront in that area in the marijuana marketplace is HiSierra Cannabis Dispensary Exit Bags. HiSierra makes 100% cannabis industry compliant packaging that is certified earth-friendly and kid safe, as well as being made from sustainable material. Even more impressive is the fact that the factory where the...

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Is “Dangerously Potent Pot” Making People “Lose Their Minds?”

Getty If you only read the title of an article published by Newsweek last week and use cannabis, you might be worried. “MARIJUANA: WHY DANGEROUSLY POTENT POT IS MAKING PEOPLE LOSE THEIR MINDS AND MEMORIES,” the headline blared on their website. They don’t even phrase it as a question. They present this phenomenon as a fact and have moved on to telling you why it’s happening. But when you delve into the article itself, you realize a few things: They cite a small study out of England that shows that cannabis has higher levels of THC than ever, something...

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Can Marijuana Damaged by California Wildfires be Salvaged?

Image Courtesy of Jeff The 420 Chef Dozens of marijuana farms have been destroyed during the most recent spate of wildfires to rip through California, leaving many growers without product to sell to the adult use cannabis retail stores set to open in January. A lot of these growers used their life savings to grow their crop, a crop that they could not insure thanks to federal law, even though their farms are completely legal under state law. But there may be a way to salvage some of the damaged crop according to Jeff The 420 Chef, an author...

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Company Buys Town to Create Marijuana Paradise

Getty A cannabis company has bought the town of Nipton, California (population 20) for some $5 million, and plans on spending an additional $2.5 million to create a marijuana tourist destination on 120 acres that sits about 3 hours (by car) from Los Angeles and 1 hour from Las Vegas. The Arizona-based company – American Green – wants to bring the “green rush” to Nipton. “The cannabis revolution that’s going on here in the U.S. has the power to completely revitalize communities in the same way gold did during the 19th century,” AG President David Gwyther said in a...

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