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Marijuana Shops in Colorado Take in Another $136 Million in September

According to new estimates from The Cannabist, recreational and medical marijuana stores in Colorado sold over $136 million in products in September of 2017. Since actual sales numbers aren’t available in Colorado, The Cannabist gets their estimates by extrapolating sales data from tax revenue data. During the first three-quarters of the year cannabis shops in Colorado have exceed $1.1 billion in sales, up 19% from the same period last year. Earlier this year, however, the annual rate of growth was at about 36%, leading some to speculate on whether a plateau in marijuana sales is coming in Colorado. The...

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University of Colorado Boulder to Study Behavioral Changes Since Legalization

Getty The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has awarded two professors from the University of Colorado Boulder $5.5 million to study possible behavioral changes since recreational legalization. Professor John Hewitt, a behavioral geneticist, and psychiatry professor Christian Hopfer MD will be leading the study, which the university says will be the first of this sort in the nation. The study will look at more than 1,000 sets of twins ages 23-29, from both Colorado and neighboring Minnesota. Those from Minnesota will act as the control group, compared to those from Colorado, where cannabis has been legal for recreational...

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New Marijuana Edibles Regulations Take Effect in Colorado

AP On October 1st new regulations of cannabis edibles took effect in Colorado. From now on, no edibles made in the state legally are allowed to resemble candy, with shapes like humans, animals, fruits or cartoons no longer allowed. Instead, edible makers must restrict themselves to generic shapes like circles and triangles. Beyond that, new regulations took effect regarding edible packaging. From Herb: Now, products must be labeled either in a font size that is at least two font sizes larger than the surrounding label text, not less than 10 point font, and be bold and enclosed within an...

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Colorado Officials Respond to Attorney General Sessions on Marijuana Policy

Getty Late in July, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent letters to officials in the first four states to approve adult use marijuana legalization: Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon. Officials in all four states have responded, the last of which being Colorado, who did so just last week. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) and Attorney General Cynthia Coffman (R) took umbrage with several of Sessions’ assertions, saying he relied on outdated and incorrect information while touting the progress made in their state since retail cannabis sales began in January 2014. “The State of Colorado has worked diligently to implement...

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Former Special Forces Officer Sues After SWAT Raid of His Legal Marijuana Grow

Getty In the early morning hours of July 22, 2016, members of the Fountain, Colorado SWAT team raided the home of Eli Olivas and his girlfriend, Marisela Chavez. They had a search warrant signed by a judge and were looking for marijuana, firearms and ammunition. Olivas, a former Special Forces Infantryman who was also a medic and received numerous decorations for his service conduct, is a legally registered medical marijuana patient. Under Colorado law, he is allowed to grow up to 99 plants. Police seized only 18 plants, which were grown in a greenhouse behind a 6-foot tall locked...

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Colorado District Attorney Claims Marijuana Leads to Homicide

AP By any objective standard, those who support marijuana prohibition are losing the war. Whether you look at polls, demographics or the advance of marijuana legalization measures across the country, those who fight prohibition are winning. This set of circumstances is causing prohibition supporters to resort more and more to wild and already-disproven claims.   Take, for example, Colorado’s 4th Judicial District Attorney, Dan May. “Marijuana is the gateway drug to homicide in our community and across our state, and people need to start recognizing that,” he said at a press conference recently after a large marijuana operation that...

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