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Judge Declares a Mistrial in Case Against Cannabis Church Leaders

Many of you may remember the sting operation that resulted in the issuing of citations to three leaders of the International Church of Cannabis in Denver, Colorado; they were each charged with a misdemeanor for open and public consumption of marijuana and violating the Colorado Clean Indoor Act after undercover police officers witnessed marijuana consumption at the Church’s private gathering on April 20, 2017. Earlier this month, the judge in the case – Denver County Court Judge Fred Rodgers – declared a mistrial after prosecutors were unable to seat a 6-person jury. For 2 hours both sides jockeyed to...

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New Legislation in Colorado Would Allow Cannabis Tasting Rooms

When it comes to the legalization and regulation of cannabis for adult consumption, Colorado has been leading the way since voters approved Amendment 64 in 2012. Since then there has been a lot of debate about both the need for and the risk of allowing onsite consumption of cannabis. There are many reasons for this, but one of the top reasons is to allow somewhere for people to use the marijuana they purchased legally, which is especially important for tourists and those living in public housing or rented homes where its use may not be allowed. This week, a...

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Wana Brands Leads the Colorado Market for Infused Products

BDS 2017 Brand Share Report Reveals Soaring Market Share of the Artisan Cannabis Product Manufacturer Boulder, Colo. (February 26, 2018) – Wana Brands, one of Colorado’s original infused product manufacturers, continues to dominate the state’s marijuana infused product market. For the calendar year 2017, Wana Brands owned 17.33 percent of the overall Colorado edibles market, with its closest competitor at 9.97 percent. When drilling down into the gummie market in Colorado, Wana commands 48.16 percent of the market, with the next closest competitor at 18.16 percent, according to BDS Analytics’ 2017 Brand Share Report.  Wana Brands is known for its quality line-up...

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NORML Pairs With Colorado Business to Show Legislators Impairment Testing Alternative to Marijuana Drug Testing at State Capitol Demonstration Weds. February 21

Proposed Law Would Stop Employment Discrimination Against Marijuana Users for Legal Off-Duty Use Denver, CO- Countless Coloradans use marijuana legally as medicine or for fun, their right under the Constitution. But employers still can use pre-employment and random drug tests to deny work to these law-abiding citizens. This is bad for business, discriminatory and unfair. A legislative fix to the 2015 Coats v. Dish Network Supreme Court decision, which was based solely upon federal preemption, is long overdue. NORML’s proposed law would protect all those who engage inColorado-legal activities, including adult marijuana use, regardless of federal illegality, by amending the 2007 Unlawful prohibition of legal activities as a...

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Number of Mail Packages Containing Marijuana on the Rise in Colorado

According to information obtained by Denver7, the number of mail packages containing cannabis sent from or sent to Colorado last year is on the rise and actually set a record for the number of packages in CO seized by the feds because they had marijuana in them. In 2012, feds seized 234 packages with marijuana in Colorado; by 2015 that number had increased to 542 and in 2017 that number climbed to a record 934 packages. “U.S. Postal Inspectors continue to aggressively target individuals who use the postal service to distribute controlled substances,” Dana Carter, Inspector in Charge of...

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Demand for the Company’s Groundbreaking Transdermal Evolve NanoSerum™ Driving Production DENVER – February 05, 2018 – NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc. (CSE: NSHS, “NanoSphere”) is pleased to announce that, in response to growing demand for the NanoSphere’s Evolve NanoSerum™ product, its Colorado license partner has increased production capacity at its facility.  “NanoSerum is a state-of-the-art formulation that carries a full spectrum of cannabinoids and phytochemicals with precision-metered dosing, every time,” said Dr. Richard Kaufman, NanoSphere’s Chief Science Officer. “This development is an extremely encouraging sign of market demand for new methods for cannabinoid delivery.” “This is a watershed moment for our...

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