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The Coffee Joint May Be Denver’s First Cannabis Club

Just over a year ago, Denver passed a ballot initiative at the local level to allow businesses to open that would permit social cannabis consumption on site. Since then, there has been a lot of preparation for the Neighborhood Supported Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program, which allows a business to permit people 21 or older to consume cannabis on the property – with the support of a neighborhood sponsor. The first application to the program, a coffee shop to be called The Coffee Joint, is now under review. Co-owners Rita Tsalyuk and Kirill Merkulov intend to open the shop soon...

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Marijuana Retail Stores More Prevalent in Low-Income Areas of Denver and Seattle

Getty An analysis conducted by the Marijuana Business Daily shows that more marijuana retail shops are operating in low-income areas of Denver and Seattle than anywhere else in those cities. By searching for median household income by zip code and comparing that to the locations of adult use stores in the 2 biggest recreational markets in the U.S., MBD found that 40% of shops in Seattle and almost 45% of recreational stores in Denver were located in zip codes that fall in the bottom 25th percentile of income. “The portion of Denver and Seattle residents located in areas where...

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Denver Roofer Offers Potential New Customers $500 in Free Weed

Image Credit: Masterpiece Roofing & Painting Facebook Page With legal cannabis being a multi-billion dollar industry in Colorado, it seems like every single week there is some kind of new innovative product or service hitting the marketplace. In this particular instance, it wasn’t a new cannabis product or service – it was a service provider offering new customers $500 in free herb for doing business with his company. The owner of Masterpiece Roofing and Painting, Rex “the Roofer” Corley recently released a video on his company’s Facebook page telling everyone about his unique new promotion. The video features another...

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