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Study Shows No Link Between Medical Dispensaries and Increased Crime Rates

A recent study strikes yet another blow against some age-old prohibitionist rhetoric. Some of those who are still against outright legalization at the federal, state or local levels will try to make the claim that medical cannabis dispensaries are partially to blame for increases in crime in communities. The study, published by the journal Preventative Medicine, shows that there is no link between neighborhood crime rates and the existence of locations where sales of medical marijuana take place. Locations that sell mostly tobacco and alcohol, though, are associated with an increased prevalence in local crime. Who would have thought?...

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Closed Retail Stores Could Become Cannabis Dispensaries and Growing Facilities Nationwide

As the legal cannabis industry continues to expand, so does the demand for niche markets within the sector. One of those demands is the increasing amount of space that is needed for cultivation and processing facilities, and also retail space for dispensary locations. With the rise of extremely popular online shopping experiences such as Amazon, more and more shopping malls are closing their doors due to bankruptcy. Because of this, mall owners often use alternative methods to find tenants. One such example of this is currently occurring in Copper Country Mall in Houghton, Michigan. According to, the mall’s...

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