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NORML Pairs With Colorado Business to Show Legislators Impairment Testing Alternative to Marijuana Drug Testing at State Capitol Demonstration Weds. February 21

Proposed Law Would Stop Employment Discrimination Against Marijuana Users for Legal Off-Duty Use Denver, CO- Countless Coloradans use marijuana legally as medicine or for fun, their right under the Constitution. But employers still can use pre-employment and random drug tests to deny work to these law-abiding citizens. This is bad for business, discriminatory and unfair. A legislative fix to the 2015 Coats v. Dish Network Supreme Court decision, which was based solely upon federal preemption, is long overdue. NORML’s proposed law would protect all those who engage inColorado-legal activities, including adult marijuana use, regardless of federal illegality, by amending the 2007 Unlawful prohibition of legal activities as a...

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Sessions Advisor Suggests Giving Doctors the Right to Drug Test Anyone and Force Users into Treatment

Just weeks before the New Year, when California was set to open recreational sales, followed by Massachusetts and Maine later this year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a closed-door meeting with a small group of drug policy experts to discuss options for handling the quickly spreading state-level legalization of cannabis. One of those policy experts was Dr. Robert DuPont, a drug warrior from the 1970s, who in the 1980s lead the spreading of the then-popular “gateway drug” theory, which has since been proven false. DuPont was at the hearing to speak on drugged driving – an issue he has...

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