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New Marijuana Edibles Regulations Take Effect in Colorado

AP On October 1st new regulations of cannabis edibles took effect in Colorado. From now on, no edibles made in the state legally are allowed to resemble candy, with shapes like humans, animals, fruits or cartoons no longer allowed. Instead, edible makers must restrict themselves to generic shapes like circles and triangles. Beyond that, new regulations took effect regarding edible packaging. From Herb: Now, products must be labeled either in a font size that is at least two font sizes larger than the surrounding label text, not less than 10 point font, and be bold and enclosed within an...

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Start-up Company Offers Cannabis-Friendly Meal Kits

Getty As we continue to witness, along with legal cannabis comes the normalization of its use in everyday life and in various emerging niches of the industry. One of those niches is cannabis baking kit delivery services. Meal-kit delivery services have become extremely popular in recent years, becoming a multi-billion-dollar business. Blue Apron alone made more than $750 million in 2016. A plethora of gourmet cannabis-infused foods and beverages have popped up in legal states like Colorado. Despite the popularity of both meal kit services and cannabis edibles, there have surprisingly been few companies who combine the two. A...

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BrewBudz Releases Cannabis-Infused Coffee Pods in Nevada

Flickr @ Scott Dierdorf Ever since recreational cannabis has been legalized in certain states, there has been a rise in companies selling various gourmet foods and drinks that contain the herb. Up until now though, if you wanted some flower in your coffee, you’d most likely have to make it yourself. The company Brewbudz is changing that, as they have recently released a line of THC-infused coffee pods. There have been several coffee pods containing extract, but Brewbudz is claiming they are unique because they are the first to infuse flower into their coffee pods. According to the Colorado-centric...

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