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Are More Marijuana Stores Coming to Ontario?

One of the most glaring problems with the legal marijuana industry in Canada is a lack of places selling legal marijuana, and nowhere is this problem more visible than in the country’s largest province, Ontario. Home to some 14 million Canadians, Ontario is also home to the country’s largest city – and the 7th largest […]

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How the NYPD’s Hemp Arrest Mix-Up Highlights America’s Ongoing Struggles with the Plant

New York City finds itself embroiled in one of the latest cases of cannabis confusion across the United States. In late November, The NYPD’s 75th Precinct nabbed a Vermont commercial trucker bound for a Brooklyn shop, Green Angel CBD. Cops believed they had just deterred a haul of marijuana from hitting the streets, 106 pounds […]

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NYPD Drops Case Against Hemp Farmers After Confiscating 106 Pounds

Earlier this fall, we reported that the NYPD had confiscated 106 pounds of perfectly legal hemp after mistaking it for illegal cannabis. The hemp farmers were unjustly charged with 6 felony counts of drug trafficking charges. The Brooklyn DA’s Office told the judge they were dropping the charges this week, according to the New York […]

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