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Florida Voters Likely to Approve Recreational Cannabis if it Reaches the Ballot

Two years ago, before Florida voters had even approved Amendment 2 (legalizing medical marijuana), some people in the state were already looking ahead to legalizing the plant for recreational use. Back then, we had two main groups, and a third lesser-known group, who were working towards getting full legalization on the ballot – Regulate Florida, Floridians for Freedom, and Florida Organization of Reform. All three groups have a similar goal – making cannabis legal in the state of Florida – but they all have a slightly different approach to what legalization should look like. A few year ago they...

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Florida Judge to Hear Case Against the State’s Smokable Cannabis Ban

When voters passed medical marijuana in Florida in the 2016 election, many celebrated the victory as it would finally mean gaining access to a needed medicine. However, when lawmakers finally passed laws earlier this year to implement the voter-approved law, they made the decision to ban smokable medical cannabis. This immediately became an issue between the state and the group who helped make the initiative become a reality, People United for Medical Marijuana, and lawyer John Morgan, who wrote the initiative. Before the bill regulating medical cannabis was passed by lawmakers, Morgan had promised he would sue the state...

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Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Are Still Waiting on ID Cards

Getty Patients in Florida have been waiting years for the opportunity to use medical marijuana legally – and now delays in getting medical marijuana ID cards out is forcing them to wait even longer. Since Amendment 2 was implemented earlier this year, after being voted into law last November, there have been double the number of applicants to the medical marijuana program. Previously, only patients with seizure disorders or a terminal illness could get a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana – and only CBD was available. Amendment 2 not only opened access to full strength medical cannabis, but also...

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