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Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Are Still Waiting on ID Cards

Getty Patients in Florida have been waiting years for the opportunity to use medical marijuana legally – and now delays in getting medical marijuana ID cards out is forcing them to wait even longer. Since Amendment 2 was implemented earlier this year, after being voted into law last November, there have been double the number of applicants to the medical marijuana program. Previously, only patients with seizure disorders or a terminal illness could get a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana – and only CBD was available. Amendment 2 not only opened access to full strength medical cannabis, but also...

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Will the Battle Over Medical Marijuana Smoking Hasten Recreational Legalization in Florida?

Getty The ban on marijuana smoking in the new medical cannabis regulations recently signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott has kicked off a battle that may have far-reaching repercussions for all cannabis users in the state. Orlando attorney John Morgan – the major financial force behind the passage of Amendment 2 last November, the measure that legalized a broader medical marijuana program in FL – has filed suit to get smoking allowed under the new rules. He contends that the intent of Amendment 2 was to allow smoking in private since the language specifically banned public smoking....

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Medical Marijuana Regulations Bill Signed by Florida Governor, Yet Problems Remain

Getty Last week, Florida Governor Rick Scott finally signed a bill that puts regulations in place for Amendment 2, the measure voters in the state approved last November; a measure that greatly expanded the state’s small medical marijuana program. The path to those regulations was a long and contentious one. And the battle is far from over. “This is a good day for sick and suffering Floridians. The signing of this law provides a framework for the future of our state’s medical marijuana system and while it is far from perfect, it will begin providing access to patients,” said...

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