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Five Maine Men Charged with Lying to Firearms Dealers About Marijuana Use

The issue of medical marijuana patients and their gun rights has come up quite a few times here at The Marijuana Times. The seeming disconnect between ailing citizens of the United States having to choose between using a safer alternative to deadly and addictive prescription drugs to treat their ailments and their Second Amendment rights under the Constitution strikes many as unnecessary and against everything this republic supposedly stands for. Now comes news that between February 22, 2015 and March 10, 2017, five men allegedly bought firearms from gun dealers in Maine after giving false information as to whether...

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Honolulu Police to Review Medical Marijuana Patient Gun Confiscation Plan

The Honolulu, Hawaii Police Department plans on reviewing a new plan to confiscate firearms from medical cannabis patients after news of the plan ignited an online activist firestorm. The story broke when marijuana journalist and podcaster Russ Belville told his listeners about a letter that had been sent to some medical marijuana patients in Honolulu. The letter read, in part: “This letter is to inform you that under provisions of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Section 134-7(a) you are disqualified from firearms ownership, possession or controlling firearms. Your medical marijuana use disqualifies you from ownership of firearms and ammunition....

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