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The 2017 HomeGrown Cup: A Harvest Festival For The Modern Age

In a location hidden in a forest in the Dutch region of Brabant, something rather wonderful happened. It was the third edition of the HomeGrown Cup – an annual event that draws homegrowers together to celebrate their harvest. I was lucky enough to attend the event last year as a guest – this year I had skin in the race. I was entered into the outdoor category. Multiple categories were covered including outdoor, indoor, hash and concentrates. The principle of the cup is beautiful in its simplicity. Enter a category and you get to be a judge of that...

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Canadian Official Opposes Home Growing Marijuana for Several Ridiculous Reasons

As I have said and written countless times before, there is nothing wrong with being ignorant about marijuana. In the age of the Internet, that is your choice. But your ignorance should not have influence over law, as is the case with many government officials in the U.S., Canada and beyond. A prime example of a government official who is woefully ignorant about cannabis is Quebec’s Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health, a woman named Lucie Charlebois. When asked by a talk show host about the possibility of Canadians adults being able to grow their own cannabis...

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