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Indiana & CBD Oil: The Attorney General Refuses to Let it Go

CBD oil continues to be an area of confusion and concern in the state of Indiana. On November 21, 2017, the Office of the Attorney General issued Official Opinion 2017-7 to outline the reasons why CBD oil should not be made available to the general public. “Simply put, cannabidiol is a schedule 1 controlled substance because marijuana is a schedule 1 controlled substance,” says Attorney General Curtis Hill. This publication comes on the heels of a raid conducted by the Indiana State Excise Police on a Fresh Thyme grocery store in Greenwood, Indiana in June 2017. The excise police...

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Indiana Hemp Skepticism Turns Positive Due to Growing Market

Getty Indiana Hoosiers are conservative, hard-working and true to their beliefs. Farmers have been blessed with high yields of corn and soybeans that grow well in the rich Midwest soil. The old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, represents the unwillingness of Hoosiers to consider anything new or different in crop farming. So when the 8th annual INHIA Hemp History Week celebration was held in Monrovia, Indiana, recently, representatives were surprised and delighted to see a more positive outlook on industrial hemp growing. Says INHIA board member Justin Swanson, “I remember a few years ago, I’d walk...

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