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Seattle Officer Returns Cannabis to Legal User

Getty We’ve reported in the past about police corruption and abuse when it comes to the leech that is the failed war on drugs. While it’s important to bring light to these stories, it’s equally imperative to give props to the officers who understand that responsibly using or possessing cannabis is not a crime in several U.S. states. With that in mind, a tip of the hat is owed to a Seattle police officer who returned a bag of weed to a man who was trying his best to hide it. Footage of the interaction was captured on the...

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NORML Calls Out AAA on Claims that Cannabis Increases Crash Risk by 25 Percent

Getty During a AAA Texas-sponsored event, the auto club blatantly lied to attendees when they told them that drivers who tested positive for cannabis were 25 times more likely to be involved in an auto accident. This statistic came from a study by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 2015. However, AAA only took the statistic, without providing the information that came directly after it in the study. “Authors reported that drivers who tested positive for the presence of THC possessed an unadjusted, elevated risk of accident of 25 percent (Odds Ratio=1.25) compared to controls (drivers who...

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Marijuana Retail Stores More Prevalent in Low-Income Areas of Denver and Seattle

Getty An analysis conducted by the Marijuana Business Daily shows that more marijuana retail shops are operating in low-income areas of Denver and Seattle than anywhere else in those cities. By searching for median household income by zip code and comparing that to the locations of adult use stores in the 2 biggest recreational markets in the U.S., MBD found that 40% of shops in Seattle and almost 45% of recreational stores in Denver were located in zip codes that fall in the bottom 25th percentile of income. “The portion of Denver and Seattle residents located in areas where...

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