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Majority of Americans Want Feds to Leave State-Legal Marijuana Businesses Alone

A new poll from YouGov and The Huffington Post shows that the majority of respondents want the federal government to leave marijuana businesses alone in states where such activities have been made legal. Some 56% say they are opposed to the feds getting involved in cannabis sales in states where they are legal, with 44% of respondents being “strongly opposed” to such efforts. On the flip side, only 30% say they support the feds cracking down, with only 18% showing strong support. There has been a lot of reaction to the announcement by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier...

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Is “Dangerously Potent Pot” Making People “Lose Their Minds?”

Getty If you only read the title of an article published by Newsweek last week and use cannabis, you might be worried. “MARIJUANA: WHY DANGEROUSLY POTENT POT IS MAKING PEOPLE LOSE THEIR MINDS AND MEMORIES,” the headline blared on their website. They don’t even phrase it as a question. They present this phenomenon as a fact and have moved on to telling you why it’s happening. But when you delve into the article itself, you realize a few things: They cite a small study out of England that shows that cannabis has higher levels of THC than ever, something...

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Can Marijuana Damaged by California Wildfires be Salvaged?

Image Courtesy of Jeff The 420 Chef Dozens of marijuana farms have been destroyed during the most recent spate of wildfires to rip through California, leaving many growers without product to sell to the adult use cannabis retail stores set to open in January. A lot of these growers used their life savings to grow their crop, a crop that they could not insure thanks to federal law, even though their farms are completely legal under state law. But there may be a way to salvage some of the damaged crop according to Jeff The 420 Chef, an author...

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Dozens of Marijuana Farms Burned in California Wildfires

Getty The most destructive wildfires in California’s history have been devastating the state since earlier this month, destroying hundreds of thousands of acres, thousands of structures and costing at least 42 people their lives. Few industries have been spared the devastation, and the legal marijuana industry was not one of them. According to Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the California Growers Association, at least 34 farms had been destroyed as of last Friday, a number he expects to go up as more data comes in. “Just the scale of this event is kind of numbing,” Allen said. To make...

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Is E-Commerce the Future of Legal Marijuana?

Getty For years we have watched as technological advancements improved countless industries and countless lives. From digital media to air conditioners, there have been improvements to goods and services since the 1930s that are too numerous to list. The cannabis consumers market, on the other hand, has seen very little improvement. In fact, in about 80 years, the only advancement in that area was the invention of the bong. This, of course, was due to the prohibition of cannabis. There was no need for advancements since competition was restricted and no one in the business had any interest in...

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Former Special Forces Officer Sues After SWAT Raid of His Legal Marijuana Grow

Getty In the early morning hours of July 22, 2016, members of the Fountain, Colorado SWAT team raided the home of Eli Olivas and his girlfriend, Marisela Chavez. They had a search warrant signed by a judge and were looking for marijuana, firearms and ammunition. Olivas, a former Special Forces Infantryman who was also a medic and received numerous decorations for his service conduct, is a legally registered medical marijuana patient. Under Colorado law, he is allowed to grow up to 99 plants. Police seized only 18 plants, which were grown in a greenhouse behind a 6-foot tall locked...

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