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Majority of Americans Want Feds to Leave State-Legal Marijuana Businesses Alone

A new poll from YouGov and The Huffington Post shows that the majority of respondents want the federal government to leave marijuana businesses alone in states where such activities have been made legal. Some 56% say they are opposed to the feds getting involved in cannabis sales in states where they are legal, with 44% of respondents being “strongly opposed” to such efforts. On the flip side, only 30% say they support the feds cracking down, with only 18% showing strong support. There has been a lot of reaction to the announcement by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier...

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Sessions Advisor Suggests Giving Doctors the Right to Drug Test Anyone and Force Users into Treatment

Just weeks before the New Year, when California was set to open recreational sales, followed by Massachusetts and Maine later this year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a closed-door meeting with a small group of drug policy experts to discuss options for handling the quickly spreading state-level legalization of cannabis. One of those policy experts was Dr. Robert DuPont, a drug warrior from the 1970s, who in the 1980s lead the spreading of the then-popular “gateway drug” theory, which has since been proven false. DuPont was at the hearing to speak on drugged driving – an issue he has...

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Colorado Teens Are Using Less Drugs in the Years Since Legalization

A study that was once the backbone of certain arguments for prohibitionists is now proof that cannabis activists were right. The latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which has previously been cited by opponents of legalization, is now showing that teen use in Colorado has significantly declined in the years since Amendment 64 was implemented. One of the biggest arguments from opponents of cannabis legalization is the harm it could impose on teens and kids in the community. States have banned certain cannabis candy shapes and some types of edibles outright, and put forth requirements for packaging...

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As Medical Marijuana Struggles in Ohio, A New Plan for Recreational Legalization Emerges

To say things have not been smooth when it comes to marijuana law reform in Ohio over the last 3 years would be an understatement. The crushing defeat of Issue 3 in November 2015 led to the legislature passing a rather restrictive medical cannabis law the following year. The process of implementing that medical marijuana law has cleared several hurdles; the latest hurdle has involved some rather high-up people in the state government calling for a delay after one of the reviewers involved in the process of approving cultivator licenses was found to have been convicted on drug charges...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COMI-CON DAY ONE – BUDTRADER.COM THROWS A RAGER   WARNED BY BOTH MARINA POLICE AND EVENT ORGANIZERS TO “SLOW THEIR ROLL” SAN DIEGO, CA – July 21, 2017 –, the nation’s largest online platform for the legal cannabis industry is the talk Comi-Con San Diego after the first day of the iconic event. Hosting a weekend-long Comic-Con party on their “Superyacht” BudTrader Liquidity, they’ve received two warnings from the Marina Police and one from Comi-Con organizers for the energetic party. Sandwiched between the IMDB and Turner yachts, the BudTrader boat is a huge hit (no pun intended). Located at the exclusive 5th Avenue Landing (immediately behind the San Diego Convention Center) where the annual event is held, BudTrader had guests from the two neighboring yachts looking over the sides wantingly. At one point, Paul Verra  BudTrader’s director of promotions felt bad and brought a couple of the IMDB guys aboard for a tour, introductions to the BudTrader Babes and a little partying. 5th Avenue Landing Staff the slips are usually booked up to 1 year in advance and are typically reserved for Hollywood Movie Studios and Media Conglomerates, but due to a last minute cancellation, Brad McLaughlin, CEO of BudTrader was able to sneak in under the radar with less that 7 days to plan his shananigans, The weekend-long party is accessible by invite only....

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