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Medical Marijuana Extract Processors and Edible Makers Face Imminent Crackdown in Maine

In the midst of all of the problems lawmakers in Maine are having with getting their recreational marijuana legalization regulations in place comes word that authorities are planning a crackdown on extract processors and edibles makers who supply medical cannabis caregivers in the state with oral tinctures, topical salves, vaporizer waxes and cannabis-infused food for patients. At issue are current rules in Maine that state that only a caregiver and one employee can touch any medical marijuana given to a patient. This essentially means that caregivers have to make the products themselves and can’t buy them from a kitchen...

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Maine House Blocks Veto Override for Cannabis Regulation Bill

Lawmakers in Maine have been working since early this year on legislation that would regulate the sale of cannabis after voters approved the legalization of possession, use and sale of the herb a year ago during the 2016 election. However, the state’s governor, Paul LePage, vetoed this bill – forcing lawmakers to reconvene for a vote yesterday with a decision required by midnight. In vetoing the bill, Governor LePage cited his concerns over how the Trump Administration is going to handle the discrepancy between state and federal laws. This is something that many states – and the cannabis industry...

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U.S. Border Patrol to Continue Marijuana Seizures in Maine, Despite Legalization

Getty Last November, voters in Maine approved Question 1, a ballot measure that legalized adult use cannabis sales, growing and possession in the state. Despite that, the top U.S. Border Patrol agent in Maine is warning that federal law still applies when it comes to marijuana as far as his agency is concerned. “Be careful,” said Chief Daniel Hiebert, who heads the Houlton sector of the Border Patrol. “If they want to keep their marijuana, don’t do anything that is going to get our agents’ attention.” He oversees almost 200 agents that cover roughly 600 miles of border that...

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