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Utah Police Presentation Claims Legal Weed Leads to Impotence, Intellectual Disabilities and Opioid Deaths

Recently, police officers in Utah gave a presentation about what was being called “The Multiple Ills of Marijuana.” These alleged ills included impotence, a weakened immune system, mental disability, an increased likelihood of crashing your car, increased risk of cancer, psychosis, gum disease, depression, memory loss and heroin overdose. County Sheriff Terry Thompson and Lieutenant Casey Warren of the Riverdale Police spoke to an audience in what was called a “townhouse meeting”, but it didn’t seem like any citizens got a chance to speak or ask any questions. Had they been given the opportunity, they’d likely have taken the...

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New Study Finds Legalization Hasn’t Increased Cannabis Use

Getty A new study published in the journal Addiction has found that legalization is not a contributing factor to increased cannabis use among adults in the United States. The study was conducted by researchers at the Public Health Institute’s Alcohol Research Group, and they used data provided by periodic national alcohol surveys. That data was compared to results on cannabis use from those surveys, which was looked at alongside changes in state marijuana laws. “Results …did not show significant increases in use related to medicinal marijuana legislation,” William Kerr, author of the study, said in a statement. “It appears...

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