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Australian Researchers Announce Study to Determine if Cannabis Can Treat Patients with Tourette Syndrome

Cannabis is one of the most versatile plant medicines on the planet. Countless patients suffering from a myriad of disorders and symptoms have been helped through consuming medical cannabis. Researchers in Australia recently announced that they seek to determine whether the neurological disorder known as Tourette syndrome can be added to the list. The study will take place at the Wesley Medical Research Institute, with 24 adult patients participating in the study. Neuropsychiatrist Philip Mosley will be directing the team of researchers to see if medical marijuana could eventually be used as an alternative to the antipsychotic medications often...

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Health Minister Says Australia Wants to Become the World’s Top Medical Cannabis Exporter

Australia’s legal cannabis market is still in its infancy, but a recent move from the federal government could position the country as one of the top medical marijuana exporters – with a lofty goal of eventually becoming the biggest supplier globally. Health Minister Greg Hunt has been spearheading the move, which allows for the export of medical cannabis. Hunt says they will be focusing first on growing the market domestically, then expanding to supply the rest of the world with cannabis products. “This is actually a very important step for our domestic patients and our domestic supply. By knowing...

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Tilray Expands European Cannabis Distribution to Four Countries

Tilray’s GMP-grade medical cannabis products will now be available in the Czech Republic, extending their market penetration to four European Union countries. Tilray, a global pioneer in medical cannabis research, production, and distribution, has become the first North American company to import dried medical cannabis products into the Czech Republic for nationwide distribution. “As we work to increase medical cannabis access in the European Union (EU) and around the world, Tilray is proud to be the first supplier offering dried medical cannabis products to Czech patients in need,” said Chief Executive Officer Brendan Kennedy. Medical cannabis was legalized in...

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The Skepticism That Still Surrounds Marijuana as a Pain Management Tool

Most people would agree that a healthy amount of skepticism can be useful in all walks of life. Obviously, taking claims at face value and believing them as truth can lead to a lot of problems; people who make claims often have incentive to want to get you to believe those claims. But one also must remember to keep skepticism in perspective. Take medical marijuana, for example. No one should take claims of what medical cannabis is capable of at face value, but when evaluating those claims we must also keep in mind what those claims are being compared...

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World Health Organization Explores International Rescheduling of CBD at Expert Committee Meeting

by Todd | Oct 26, 2017 | General, Medical Cannabis, Pharma & Biotech, Research | 0 comments October 26, 2017 Raul Elizalde to speak before WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence review of the psychoactivity of CBD. On November 6th, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Thirty-Ninth meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence will begin a 5-day agenda set to determine the potential for harm or dependance of 16 different substances, including cannabidiol (CBD). Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary HempMeds® will have a representative speaking before the committee on the first day regarding CBD. While WHO recognizes the medical use of certain substances is indispensable in the treatment of many conditions and that they should be available to patients for such purposes, the committee is also tasked with determining which substances should be regulated or banned internationally as scheduled drugs. WHO has a part in two of the United Nation’s central drug control conventions – the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs and 1971 Convention on Psychotropic substances. WHO is responsible for conducting the medical, scientific, and public health evaluation of potentially harmful substances to determine the UN’s role in regulating them. This is done through the thirteen member Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD). The committee is made up of an international panel of experts in the field of drug addiction and abuse. The ECDD evaluates the dependence-producing...

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Study: Retail Cannabis Sales Associated With Fewer Opioid Deaths

SHARE THIS POST Thursday, 19 October 2017 Fort Worth, TX: Retail cannabis distribution in Colorado is associated with a reduction in opioid-related mortality, according to data published online ahead of print in The American Journal of Public Health. A team of investigators from the University of North Texas School of Public Health, the University of Florida, and Emory University compared changes in the prevalence of monthly opioid-related deaths before and after Colorado retailers began selling cannabis to adults. Researchers compared Colorado’s data with trends in neighboring states (that had not implemented any change in marijuana’s legal status), and also sought to control for recent changes in the state’s prescription drug monitoring program. Authors reported a 6.5 percent decrease in monthly opioid deaths following retail cannabis sales. They wrote: “Colorado’s legalization of recreational cannabis sales and use resulted in a 0.7 deaths per month reduction in opioid-related deaths. This reduction represents a reversal of the upward trend in opioid-related deaths in Colorado.” Authors concluded, “Legalization of cannabis in Colorado was associated with short-term reductions in opioid-related deaths.” Their data is consistent with prior studies finding that cannabis access is associated with reductions in prescription drug spending, opioid-related hospitalizations, and opioid-related fatalities. For more information, contact Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director, at Full text of the study, “Recreational cannabis legalization and opioid-related deaths in Colorado, 2000-2015,” appears in The American...

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