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Federal Government Grants $3.2 Million to Medical Cannabis Research for HIV Patients

Getty Despite the fact that the U.S. federal government has steadfastly refused to change the Schedule I classification of the cannabis plant, they are reportedly handing out millions to researchers in order to explore its effectiveness in treating symptoms experienced by HIV patients. Will this ridiculously overt display of federal government hypocrisy regarding cannabis medicine end up being a net positive? The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recently awarded a team of scientific researchers at the University of Florida a $3.2 million grant in order to determine what just about every medical cannabis supporter already pretty much knows...

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Study Finds Cannabis is Effective for Treating Tourette’s Patients

AP In many states where medical marijuana is legal, one of the many listed qualifying conditions is Tourette Syndrome. The illness is a neurological disorder that causes tics, OCD, and ADD-like tendencies among other issues. While there is no cure for Tourette’s, there are some therapies that prove effective in minimizing symptoms – and one of the most effective treatments with the fewest side effects appears to be medical marijuana. A recent study published in The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences found that Tourette’s patients who used marijuana found a reduction in their symptoms – so the clinic started...

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