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Nevada Cannabis Sales Set New Records

The state of Nevada has seen more legal cannabis sales in their first few months than any other state that has legalized marijuana so far. With dispensaries running out of product within the first weeks of recreational sales becoming legal back in July, it’s not entirely a surprise. In the month of July, the state brought in $3.68 million in tax revenue alone – from a total of $27.1 million in legal sales for both medical and recreational cannabis. In the month of October alone, Nevada made $37.9 million in legal cannabis sales Compared to Nevada, Colorado and Oregon...

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Budtender Fight Club Trains Cannabis Industry Hopefuls With Tough Love

The newly legal recreational cannabis market is in full effect in Nevada. And with over $27 million in sales in the first month, business is booming in the Silver State. With the new weed-fueled economic stimulus, a shortage of new employees could be looked at as a good problem to have. That’s exactly where many Nevada cannabis business owners find themselves. Enter Budtender Fight Club – the creation of Las Vegas business consultant Jason Sturtsman. No, students won’t be beating each other up in the basement of a seedy dive bar as the name might imply. But they will...

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Nevada’s First Month of Legal Sales Saw More Tax Revenue Than Both Colorado and Washington

Getty Nevada saw huge lines on July 1st when dispensaries opened their doors to recreational cannabis users for the first time. The state sold $27.1 million in just the month of July – nearly doubling the sales of both Colorado and Oregon during their first months. The Nevada Department of Taxation reported that there has already been $10.2 million in tax revenue collected by the state. Of that $10.2 million, over half ($6.5 million) came from industry fees – such as licensing fees for new facilities – and $3.68 million came from sales. Of the $3.68 million, there was...

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