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Budtender Fight Club Trains Cannabis Industry Hopefuls With Tough Love

The newly legal recreational cannabis market is in full effect in Nevada. And with over $27 million in sales in the first month, business is booming in the Silver State. With the new weed-fueled economic stimulus, a shortage of new employees could be looked at as a good problem to have. That’s exactly where many Nevada cannabis business owners find themselves. Enter Budtender Fight Club – the creation of Las Vegas business consultant Jason Sturtsman. No, students won’t be beating each other up in the basement of a seedy dive bar as the name might imply. But they will...

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Nevada’s First Month of Legal Sales Saw More Tax Revenue Than Both Colorado and Washington

Getty Nevada saw huge lines on July 1st when dispensaries opened their doors to recreational cannabis users for the first time. The state sold $27.1 million in just the month of July – nearly doubling the sales of both Colorado and Oregon during their first months. The Nevada Department of Taxation reported that there has already been $10.2 million in tax revenue collected by the state. Of that $10.2 million, over half ($6.5 million) came from industry fees – such as licensing fees for new facilities – and $3.68 million came from sales. Of the $3.68 million, there was...

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Nevada Says State Law Doesn’t Prevent Cannabis Lounges from Opening

Getty Nevada has been debating on whether to allow cannabis clubs in the state for those who are either visiting from out of state, or who don’t have a private residence where they can consume the herb legally. While no law was passed during the legislative session that would allow it, the Legislative Counsel Bureau has announced that nothing in the Nevada cannabis law prevents a business from establishing a lounge, or hosting an event where cannabis consumption is allowed. “I think the local officials, at least the ones I heard from, were saying we don’t want to get...

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Nevada is Hoping to Award Additional Marijuana Distributor Licenses

Getty Since Nevada’s recreational cannabis sales started on July 1st, there has been a clear need to finally license more distributors to ensure dispensaries can stay stocked with product. Only a week after sales started, dispensaries were already reporting that they were running low, or in some cases sold out – and there was no chance of getting more product until distributors were properly licensed. “I think the evidence is fairly clear today that this market needs to be opened up,” said Deonne Contine, executive director of the tax department. “The capacity of only liquor wholesalers to serve the...

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BrewBudz Releases Cannabis-Infused Coffee Pods in Nevada

Flickr @ Scott Dierdorf Ever since recreational cannabis has been legalized in certain states, there has been a rise in companies selling various gourmet foods and drinks that contain the herb. Up until now though, if you wanted some flower in your coffee, you’d most likely have to make it yourself. The company Brewbudz is changing that, as they have recently released a line of THC-infused coffee pods. There have been several coffee pods containing extract, but Brewbudz is claiming they are unique because they are the first to infuse flower into their coffee pods. According to the Colorado-centric...

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Nevada is Already Almost Out of Legal Marijuana to Sell

Getty Nevada’s legal sales of cannabis started on July 1st – and people were lining up outside before dispensaries opened their doors to recreational customers for the first time at midnight. Since then, the state has seen more sales of legal marijuana than they had anticipated starting with – which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Yes, it’s diverting sales from the illegal market into the legal one – but there isn’t enough supply to go around. Governor Brian Sandoval has now endorsed the state’s taxation officials who have declared a “state of emergency”, giving state...

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