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New Jersey Lawmakers Need to Agree on How Cannabis Legalization Will Work

One of the states that we’re all betting is going to be one of the next to legalize recreational use of cannabis is New Jersey. The state made the decision to elect a more progressive governor, one who made legalization one of his campaign promises. Now, Governor Murphy is calling for legislators to send a bill to him for signature – hoping to have things in the works for legal cannabis as soon as January 2019. Fortunately, lawmakers are listening. Unfortunately, they don’t all quite agree on what legal cannabis should look like for the state of New Jersey....

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New Jersey Governor Calls for Recreational Cannabis Legalization

Getty The state of New Jersey implemented its medical cannabis program back in December of 2012. Since then, both the program itself and the market for medical herb in the state have seen some significant growth and improvements. Governor Phil Murphy would like to see even more advancements when it comes to cannabis freedom, as he recently proposed full legalization of the plant medicine and came out in favor of recreational sales.    “I greatly respect those in this chamber who have proposed decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, and I thank them for recognizing the importance of...

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New Jersey’s Legislative Black Caucus Told of Dire Consequences of Marijuana Legalization in Hearing

In a recent three-hour hearing of New Jersey’s Legislative Black Caucus, black lawmakers were treated to a view of cannabis legalization that would have been more at home in the 1980’s than it was in 2018. According to, the NJ lawmakers heard “a dystopian vision of a society in which babies are exposed to pot smoke, teenagers munch on marijuana-laced foods in school cafeterias, and the leaf replaces tomatoes and blueberries as a symbol of Garden State agriculture.” Seems pretty hysterical to those of us who know about cannabis and write/read about it on a daily basis –...

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New Jersey Governor is Following Through on Promises of Legalization

Last November, voters in New Jersey decided to make a big change for their state when they elected Phil Murphy as their new governor. Where their previous governor, Chris Christie, was a die-hard prohibitionist, Murphy has expressed an interest in legalizing cannabis within the state – and made sure that voters knew that he was holding to his word by reminding everyone of that fact shortly after he was inaugurated. “A stronger and fairer New Jersey embraces criminal justice reform comprehensively, and that includes a process to legalize marijuana,” Gov. Phil Murphy said shortly after taking the oath of...

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Speakers at AAA Summit Urge Caution on Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey

At a recent AAA Summit on Impaired Driving held in New Jersey, several speakers urged lawmakers in the state to wait on deciding on cannabis legalization until more is known about how marijuana impairment affects driving. “This is a big deal,” said Jake Nelson, Director of Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research for AAA. “We’re legalizing a drug for fun without really understanding how to manage the highway safety implications of it. Not to mention all the other political and social issues that come with it.” Here we see some classic talking points from those ignorant about cannabis. The first...

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New Jersey’s New Governor Says He will Legalize Cannabis

Substantial changes are coming to the state of New Jersey now that active cannabis opponent Chris Christie’s term as governor is coming to an end. The current Garden State governor has made it a priority during his time in office to prevent cannabis legalization from taking place – swearing that while he had a say, it would not be legal. He even went so far as to prevent legislation that would have expanded access to medical marijuana – only allowing small (yet sometimes significant) changes to take place in recent years. That is all coming to an end, however,...

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