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Speakers at AAA Summit Urge Caution on Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey

At a recent AAA Summit on Impaired Driving held in New Jersey, several speakers urged lawmakers in the state to wait on deciding on cannabis legalization until more is known about how marijuana impairment affects driving. “This is a big deal,” said Jake Nelson, Director of Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research for AAA. “We’re legalizing a drug for fun without really understanding how to manage the highway safety implications of it. Not to mention all the other political and social issues that come with it.” Here we see some classic talking points from those ignorant about cannabis. The first...

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New Jersey’s New Governor Says He will Legalize Cannabis

Substantial changes are coming to the state of New Jersey now that active cannabis opponent Chris Christie’s term as governor is coming to an end. The current Garden State governor has made it a priority during his time in office to prevent cannabis legalization from taking place – swearing that while he had a say, it would not be legal. He even went so far as to prevent legislation that would have expanded access to medical marijuana – only allowing small (yet sometimes significant) changes to take place in recent years. That is all coming to an end, however,...

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Goodbye Chris Christie, and Good Riddance

On January 16, 2018, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be forced from his office by term limits. You can say many things about Chris Christie, but you can’t say he’s been inconsistent about cannabis policy. He hates it. Not only does he hate it, he’s never been shy about talking about how much he hates it. From calling the notion of marijuana legalization “beyond stupidity” to comparing cannabis to heroin, Governor Christie has never missed an opportunity to blast the cannabis community and industry. His latest slam, launched just a little over 2 months before the end of...

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