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Ohio Officials Set to Announce Medical Marijuana Dispensary Approvals This Week

It has been two long years since Ohio legalized medical marijuana, and state officials are finally expected to announce the locations of up to 56 of the dispensaries that have been awarded licenses. This is out of 376 applicants that are hoping to hear that they were chosen as one of the first to be awarded a license to sell medical marijuana to registered patients. The Board of Pharmacy expects that patient registry will begin as soon as July – and the goal is for the program to finally be fully functional by September 2018. While many cities have...

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Ohio Activists Prepare Again to Gather Signatures to Put Legalization on the Ballot

In 2015, Ohio voters had the opportunity to pass a ballot initiative that would have legalized marijuana for adult use – before the state had even legalized medical marijuana. Unfortunately, the nature of the initiative aimed to create a monopoly on the cannabis industry by limiting grow sites to 10 and giving those sites away to campaign investors – and that was enough to lose support of many pro-legalization groups and ultimately lead to its defeat. Then, in 2016 lawmakers took it upon themselves to legalize medical marijuana, and the law went into effect immediately. However, it has taken...

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