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Philadelphia District Attorney Sues Pharmaceutical Companies Over Opioid Crisis, Drops Low Level Cannabis Cases

Some good things are happening for the city of Philadelphia here in 2018. Their football team, the Eagles, won their first Super Bowl in team history. Now their new District Attorney Larry Krasner, who took office in January, has been striking some significant blows against the age-old war on drugs, including big pharma. The DA for the City of Brotherly Love reportedly dropped over 50 low-level court cases involving the possession of cannabis. Krasner said that even though most of the time people who are caught with weed in Philly are issued citations, some are still arrested – and...

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The Skepticism That Still Surrounds Marijuana as a Pain Management Tool

Most people would agree that a healthy amount of skepticism can be useful in all walks of life. Obviously, taking claims at face value and believing them as truth can lead to a lot of problems; people who make claims often have incentive to want to get you to believe those claims. But one also must remember to keep skepticism in perspective. Take medical marijuana, for example. No one should take claims of what medical cannabis is capable of at face value, but when evaluating those claims we must also keep in mind what those claims are being compared...

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