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The Skepticism That Still Surrounds Marijuana as a Pain Management Tool

Most people would agree that a healthy amount of skepticism can be useful in all walks of life. Obviously, taking claims at face value and believing them as truth can lead to a lot of problems; people who make claims often have incentive to want to get you to believe those claims. But one also must remember to keep skepticism in perspective. Take medical marijuana, for example. No one should take claims of what medical cannabis is capable of at face value, but when evaluating those claims we must also keep in mind what those claims are being compared...

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Opioid Maker That Fought AZ Marijuana Legalization in More Trouble

AP The pharmaceutical company behind the much-maligned opioid Fentanyl is in hot water yet again, this time under investigation by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who says the company – Insys – has been deceptive and downright fraudulent in their marketing and selling of Subsys, a spray form of Fentanyl. Charges were officially filed late last month. “Insys lied to insurers, concealed key facts from doctors and patients, and paid doctors sham ‘speaker fees’ in exchange for writing prescriptions, all in order to increase the sales of Subsys, without regard for the health and safety of patients,” Brnovich said....

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Prohibitionists Claim Weed Laced with Fentanyl is Now a Thing

Getty For people who have severe, chronic pain, potent opioids like fentanyl can offer quick relief. But the highly addictive painkiller can also kill the patient or cause dependence. By now, it’s no secret how deadly the opioid epidemic is. Opioids have claimed thousands of lives – if not millions at this point.  There were 33,000 overdoses in 2015 alone, according to the CDC. Many medical professionals agree – one of the best ways to heal the damage from opioids is to fully legalize cannabis. Leave it to those with a prohibitionist mindset, though, to twist these facts around...

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