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Bend Cannabis Companies Boost Central Oregon Economy

BEND, OREGON – The city of Bend in Deschutes County, and the entire region of Central Oregon, is seeing its next big economic boom. Economic booms are nothing new to Bend. The community has seen many changes over the years as the economy has evolved from timber, real estate development, healthcare, food and craft beer. Today they are seeing a new industry emerge; an industry that is growing faster than any other. This particular industry is employing thousands of people, as well as providing over a million dollars in combined tax revenues to the city and county. Central Oregon’s...

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U.S. Attorney in Oregon Wants to “Do Something” About Excess Marijuana Supply

Last week the U.S. Attorney for the state of Oregon, Billy Williams, made a speech in front of a crowd that included members of law enforcement, the cannabis community and Oregon Governor Kate Brown, in which indicated his displeasure at the thought of excessive marijuana escaping the state and being sold elsewhere via the black market. Williams said that Oregon has an “identifiable and formidable overproduction and diversion problem.” “That is the fact,” he added. “And my responsibility is to work with our state partners to do something about it.” As to what his office plans on doing in...

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