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GreenSpace Labs partners with 4-time NBA champion and cannabis reform advocate, John Salley; launches the GreenLite mobile pesticide screening device

New York, NY — GreenSpace Labs, a cannabis testing company able to detect pesticides and toxic metals rapidly in the field, has partnered with 4-time NBA champion, actor, talk show host, entrepreneur and devoted cannabis reform advocate, John Salley, to launch their mobile pesticide screening device, the GreenLite Screener. Mr. Salley has taken an ownership position in the company with the added goal of helping to educate the cannabis community on the need to strengthen testing standards to ensure safe consumption. The technology behind the company’s product was originally developed for the U.S. military to test for nerve agents and...

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Denver Colorado Cannabis Cultivators Forced to Buckle Down to Meet New Regulations

When Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, many cultivators felt they could operate with a “do-it-yourself” attitude. Many issues have popped up since 2014 that have disabused cultivators of this notion. One issue that keeps recurring within the industry on a national scale is pest control.  Agriculture departments in states like Colorado, Washington and Oregon continue to release updated lists of approved pesticides, which allow cultivators the ability to treat their own crops with products that are approved within each state.  The pesticides on these state-approved lists are, for the most part, what are known in...

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