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Is Recreational Marijuana Legalization Dead in Australia?

Australia’s Minister of Health is knocking down hopes that a Green Party plan to legalize cannabis for adult use in Australia could see the light of day, saying the government would oppose any such plan. “Our job is to protect the health of Australians,” Hunt said. “This action by the Greens risks the health of Australians.” Hunt, like many people who haven’t really looked into the cannabis issue, believes marijuana is a gateway to other drugs, an assertion that has been debunked time and time again. In a statement accompanying the announcement earlier this week, Richard Di Natale of...

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Senator Cory Gardner Lifts Some of his “Cole Memo” Blockade After “Positive Conversations” with DOJ

Last week I discussed Colorado Senator Cory Gardner (R) and his blockade of Department of Justice appointments on The Marijuana Times Show. Senator Gardner initiated his blockade after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his action to rescind the famous “Cole Memo” and its protections of state-legal marijuana programs. Now, Senator Gardner says he is partially lifting his blockade as a sort of show of good faith after conversations with the DOJ. “Since the Department of Justice rescinded the Cole memo, I have been working with the Department’s leadership, including Deputy Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Acting United...

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Travel Expert Rick Steves Briefed Members of Congress on Marijuana Law Reform

While Rick Steves is perhaps best known for his guide books on traveling as well as his long-running PBS show “Rick Steves’ Europe,” he’s also becoming well-known – especially in the cannabis community – for his continuous battle against marijuana prohibition and his advocacy for legalizing cannabis. Last week Rick spoke in front of members of the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus on the need for and the effects of cannabis legalization. “There are so many reasons to end the prohibition on marijuana. Whether you’re concerned about the well-being of children, fairness for minority communities, redirecting money away from criminals...

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The Court Case Against AG Sessions, the DOJ, and the DEA Began in NY This Week

Last July, news broke that a group of five plaintiffs had filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) claiming that keeping cannabis as a Schedule I drug was unconstitutional. Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, the opening arguments were heard in the Federal District Court in Manhattan by U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein. A government attorney has filed a motion to dismiss the case, and after this first hearing the judge will take time to consider each side’s argument before determining if the case will be dismissed or move...

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Number of Mail Packages Containing Marijuana on the Rise in Colorado

According to information obtained by Denver7, the number of mail packages containing cannabis sent from or sent to Colorado last year is on the rise and actually set a record for the number of packages in CO seized by the feds because they had marijuana in them. In 2012, feds seized 234 packages with marijuana in Colorado; by 2015 that number had increased to 542 and in 2017 that number climbed to a record 934 packages. “U.S. Postal Inspectors continue to aggressively target individuals who use the postal service to distribute controlled substances,” Dana Carter, Inspector in Charge of...

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How Did U.S. Attorneys React After Jeff Sessions Opened the Door for a Marijuana Crackdown?

Earlier this month U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Department of Justice guidelines that had been put in place during President Obama’s second term, guidelines that allowed marijuana legalization to operate basically unmolested by federal authorities in states where voters had approved it. This move by Sessions opened the door for each U.S. Attorney to use their own discretion when determining which marijuana cases to prosecute since all activity pertaining to cannabis is illegal under federal law. This means the eyes of the cannabis community have moved to individual U.S. Attorneys and what their plans are, especially in states...

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