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Authorities Agree to Return Almost $300,000 to James Slatic

For the past 9 months or so we have been covering and updating you on the case of James Slatic and his family and the ordeal they have been going through. Among the ups and downs that began with a massive raid on James’ extract company in early 2016, authorities in San Diego have put the Slatic family through the ringer, threatening jail time and refusing to give back what amounted to almost $400,000 that was confiscated from them. Although the District Attorney in San Diego was eventually ordered by a judge to return about $100,000 that authorities took...

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The Persecution of James Slatic and His Family Drags On

Image Credit: Med West Security Footage Readers of The Marijuana Times that were with us earlier this year likely saw one or more of the stories we did on James Slatic – the owner of Med-West, once a well-respected and state-legal cannabis extract manufacturer – and what he, his family and even his attorneys have been put through at the hands of the San Diego District Attorney’s office. The saga began when a combination of local and federal law enforcement officials raided Med-West in January of 2016. This began a process and fight that has yet to end almost...

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