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Nevada is Hoping to Award Additional Marijuana Distributor Licenses

Getty Since Nevada’s recreational cannabis sales started on July 1st, there has been a clear need to finally license more distributors to ensure dispensaries can stay stocked with product. Only a week after sales started, dispensaries were already reporting that they were running low, or in some cases sold out – and there was no chance of getting more product until distributors were properly licensed. “I think the evidence is fairly clear today that this market needs to be opened up,” said Deonne Contine, executive director of the tax department. “The capacity of only liquor wholesalers to serve the...

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Will the Battle Over Medical Marijuana Smoking Hasten Recreational Legalization in Florida?

Getty The ban on marijuana smoking in the new medical cannabis regulations recently signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott has kicked off a battle that may have far-reaching repercussions for all cannabis users in the state. Orlando attorney John Morgan – the major financial force behind the passage of Amendment 2 last November, the measure that legalized a broader medical marijuana program in FL – has filed suit to get smoking allowed under the new rules. He contends that the intent of Amendment 2 was to allow smoking in private since the language specifically banned public smoking....

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