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Australian Researchers Announce Study to Determine if Cannabis Can Treat Patients with Tourette Syndrome

Cannabis is one of the most versatile plant medicines on the planet. Countless patients suffering from a myriad of disorders and symptoms have been helped through consuming medical cannabis. Researchers in Australia recently announced that they seek to determine whether the neurological disorder known as Tourette syndrome can be added to the list. The study will take place at the Wesley Medical Research Institute, with 24 adult patients participating in the study. Neuropsychiatrist Philip Mosley will be directing the team of researchers to see if medical marijuana could eventually be used as an alternative to the antipsychotic medications often...

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Week in Review – Week Ended January 12, 2018

SHARE THIS POST On January 4, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Session announced that the Trump Administration is rescinding the Cole Memo, which creates significant uncertainty about the regulatory environment at the state level. Early Responses Bridget Hill-Zayat, Esq., of Cannabis Law Firm, Hoban Law Group, said that “The status of the law remains unchanged. Cannabis was always federally illegal, and there was always a conflict of state and federal law. Replacing the Cole Memo is wildly unpopular with both Democrats and Republicans. This move by Sessions creates a hurdle for sure, but as long as there are veterans and patients, it will remain political suicide for federally elected leaders to support further prohibition. To that end, Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania today announced he plans to protect patients. Indeed, Colorado Senator Cory Gardner said he would hold up Trump’s DOJ nominations over this policy shift. The state will fight back and so will voters in the next election.” Justin Hobson, Co-Chair Cannabis Group, Lane Powell (Seattle & Portland), said that “This development, while anticipated for some time, could have a significant effect on cannabis markets, and especially on the financing of cannabis businesses. The action also provides the possibility for U.S. Attorneys to take aggressive actions against industry participants. It is too early to say what might happen with this rescission, but needless to say people in the industry should...

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Cannabis Pricing for the Week Ended January 5, 2018

According to the latest Cannabis Benchmarks data, Cannabis prices rebounded slightly on a week-over-week basis for the week ended January 5, 2018. But looking at the 6-month trend, ended December 29, 2017, there has been a distinct trend of softness in pricing on all fronts, with outdoor flowers continuing to take the most pressure. TroyFlowers Author description...

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Cannabis Benchmarks Releases Pricing for Week Ended December 22, 2017

SHARE THIS POST December 22, 2017 – Cannabis Benchmarks released its pricing data for the week ended December 22, 2017. Despite the uptick in prices over the week ended December 22, 2017, the clear trend over the past 6 months has been downward pricing pressure, with simple average prices down 9.9% and spot prices down 14.3%. Outdoor pricing continues to take the most pressure, with median prices down 40% for the six-month period ended December 22 to $1,000 / pound, and spot prices down 19.1% to $1,111 / pound. Medicinal spot prices have been under the most pressure over the 6-month period ended December 22, down 15.4% to $1,504 / pound. TroyFlowers Author description...

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Veridian Deal Tracker for the Week Ended November 10, 2017

SHARE THIS POST November 10, 2017 – Year to date, more than $2.3 billion has been raised into cannabis and cannabis-related businesses, up 178% over the $848 million raised for the same period last year. Average deal size year-to-date is at $7.1 million, up 136%, while the total number of deals done, equity and debt year-to-date is 259, up 62%. TroyFlowers Author description...

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