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Florida Patients Continue to Fight for the Right to Smoke Medical Marijuana

When voters legalized medical marijuana in Florida, they did so with a landslide vote – and most, if not all, voters were expecting smoking to be allowed under the constitutional amendment they approved. Unfortunately, lawmakers took it upon themselves to specifically ban smoking – making medical marijuana available to qualified patients through vaping, edibles, oils, sprays and tinctures – and claim it was within their power to enact the ban to “regulate health, safety and welfare” of the public. “The amendment itself says smoking is not allowed in public places. I don’t think you need to be too much...

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Is Smoked Marijuana Medicine?

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb shot down the idea that marijuana in smokeable form would ever become an FDA-approved medical substance. “I prescribed blood pressure pills and all kinds of other things to my patients when I was a practicing physician not too long ago,” Gottlieb said. “I never told a patient to go home, crush up a pill, roll it in a piece of paper and smoke it.” This seems like a rather flippant and ignorant remark by a man running the FDA. While pills are made specifically for oral...

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