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Introducing The World’s First 100% Automated Grow Box

At one point or another, most cannabis users have sat around with their friends and discussed what they imagined the future would be like, especially what a world of legal cannabis would look like. Now that legal cannabis is a reality in so many states, that future is beginning to be realized. Full disclosure: no matter how legal cannabis becomes, I’ll never be able to grow it. I can do some things well, but keeping plant life alive is not one of them. But that future I mentioned has come to help me as technology and engineering have combined...

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Being Green in the Marijuana Industry: HiSierra Dispensary Bags

Being a relatively new legal industry, the cannabis industry has a unique opportunity to develop good habits and practices early on – habits and practices that companies in other, older industries are having trouble adapting to. One such example of this is being environmentally friendly, and one of the companies at the forefront in that area in the marijuana marketplace is HiSierra Cannabis Dispensary Exit Bags. HiSierra makes 100% cannabis industry compliant packaging that is certified earth-friendly and kid safe, as well as being made from sustainable material. Even more impressive is the fact that the factory where the...

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