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Strain Review: Super Sour Diesel

Trying out a new strain can be a bit of a gamble sometimes and for some, that is not a risk they have the time to take. With Super Sour Diesel, you have the option to have something new that is a combination of two of the most popular sativa strains – Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. Together, the two create an extremely potent, 100% sativa hybrid strain that works wonders. What You Should Expect As mentioned, this strain is a 100% sativa hybrid, and it demonstrates all of the best qualities of a classic sativa strain tenfold....

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Strain Review: Cinderella’s Dream

Finding the right strain can be difficult, but when you come across one that really stands out, you certainly won’t forget it. Cinderella’s Dream is one of those strains – a hybrid between Cinderella 99 and the forever popular Blue Dream. Together these strains make one seriously strong sativa. What You Should Expect The Cinderella’s Dream strain is a sativa dominant strain. Considering the genetics, Cinderella 99 being a sativa dominant hybrid of Jack Herer seeds with a THC content of up to 23%, and Blue Dream being a sativa dominant hybrid of Blueberry and Haze with a THC...

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Strain Review: NYC Diesel

This strain is quite a rarity in that it’s a sativa dominant hybrid that offers all the right effects from both its sativa and indica genetics. A three time Cannabis Cup winner in the early 2000s, this strain by Soma Seeds is a cross between an Afghani male and a Mexican sativa female that made its way out west from the Big Apple. What You Should Expect NYC Diesel is quite a showy strain as it is vibrant in colors – ranging from olive green to deep purple, light blue and a yellow green in a single bud. Often...

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Strain Review: Hurricane

Hybrid strains are excellent when you are looking for a daytime strain with the perfect balance of pain-relieving and stress-reducing effects, and Hurricane is definitely a strain that you can count on to get you through the day. A sativa dominant hybrid from Colorado’s Reserva Privada, it is a combination of Panama Punch and LA Confidential – which combine for an excellent strain that can help with a multitude of conditions. What You Should Expect Hurricane is bred from some pretty well-known and potent strains, though it has a surprisingly average THC content, ranging between 12% and 18%. The...

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Strain Review: Titan’s Haze

The right hybrid is out there for everyone, but one in particular that is a favorite of many and comes from two lines of plants that can be traced back to the 70s and 80s is called Titan’s Haze. This sativa dominant strain offers some potent and extreme sativa effects that will get almost anyone through a long day without much to complain about. What You Should Expect When looking for a sativa dominant hybrid, not many come close to what Titan’s Haze has to offer in both experience and story (if you’re into that sort of thing). The...

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Strain Review: Jack Diesel

Breeders have taken some of the most popular medical marijuana strains and put them together to make some of the best strains around. One such strain is Jack Diesel, which is a hybrid that came from the ever popular Jack Herer and NYC Diesel to create a sativa dominant strain with extremely potent effects. What You Should Expect Combining sativa and indica strains often brings a mixture of some of the best effects – and Jack Diesel is no exception. The strain takes after the indica heritage when it comes to the appearance with denser buds, which are generally...

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