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How to Grow Your Cannabis Network Online

Image Credit: SD6 How are people really making decisions about doing business with others? It’s a lofty question, but one group of tech entrepreneurs are bringing their skillsets to the cannabis world with their networking site SD6 to overhaul the way people are getting information, establishing themselves, and cultivating business alliances. The problem is that tech-based decision-making tools have been available to companies for decades, but we are seeing it’s not actually how people are making decisions in real life. A Harvard Business Review article explains why current online networking effects are not enough: “…research shows that these systems...

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This Software Startup is Being Called “The Amazon of Weed”

Getty As more layers of the cannabis prohibition onion are peeled back, more demand for various products and services start to emerge within the industry. A software startup is meeting one area of need, offering customizable software to dispensaries and retail locations, with an emphasis on regulation compliance and attention to detail when it comes to specific customer requests. That software company is called Meadow, and their platform is being called “the Amazon of weed” because they provide customers with a flashy digital storefront on the surface, and automated patient record management on the back end. While there are...

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BudTrader Superyacht to Sets Sail For Pro-420 Weekend-Long Hollywood A-List Yacht Party; Featuring 420 Friendly Celebs, Comic-Con Exclusive Swag, Networking, BudTrader Babes and Top Secret Surprises, the nation’s largest online platform for the legal cannabis industry today announced that for the first time the brand will be hosting a weekend-long Comic-Con party on their “Superyacht” at the notoriously exclusive 5th Avenue Landing (immediately behind the San Diego Convention Center) during San Diego Comic-Con International 2017. According to 5th Avenue Landing Staff the slips for the Super Yachts are usually booked up to 1 year in advance and are...

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