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The Puffco Peak is a Worthwhile Summit

The Puffco Peak is an electrical ring that is very convenient and efficient in such a way that it is highly portable. It has a rechargeable nail which has four heat settings with a removable ceramic bowl for the dabbing surface. The Puffco Peak has intelligent temperature calibration, which regulates temperature and ensures an equal temperature throughout the entire use period. It provides a very consistent experience during repeated use or sesh-mode. Some other key features of the Puffco Peak include: – 20 second heat time – 30-day duration – Only 2 hours needed for charging time – LED...

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IQ Vaporizer By DaVinci Still Competing with New Vaporizers in 2018

Serious thought has been put into the fabrication of this device. The DaVinci IQ is the 3rd installment of the growing line of vaporizers; it features a zirconia vapor path and ceramic heating chamber which delivers a rich, powerful and smooth vapor. How Does the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Work? The DaVinci vaporizer is easy to use. To load the vaporizer, open the bottom chamber and pack it tightly with the herbs. For maximum results, use packed herbs to fill up the bottom chamber. Close the chamber, and you are good to go. There are two ways you can interact with the vaporizer: You...

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