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Congress to Vote on Allowing Cannabis Research and Treatment for Veterans

Veterans have been fighting for the right to use medical marijuana for years – and the VA has continuously maintained that as long as it was federally illegal, it was not an option for treatment. However, this may change as House lawmakers appear likely to pass a bill that would encourage the Department of Veterans Affairs to research the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana. On Tuesday, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs voted unanimously to advance the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act to the House floor for a final vote. “I am not opposed to using marijuana extracts,...

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VA to Finally Consider Medical Marijuana for Veterans

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects at least 20 percent of United States veterans who were in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – and for many of them, treatments like prescription medications and therapy simply aren’t effective. In many states, PTSD is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana – which should give these veterans access to another alternative treatment. Unfortunately, because of the federal-state conflict over the legal status of cannabis, many of these men and women go without a possibly life-changing medicine. In the last couple years, we’ve come closer to veterans having legal access to medical marijuana –...

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