SAN DIEGO, CA – July 21, 2017 –, the nation’s largest online platform for the legal cannabis industry is the talk Comi-Con San Diego after the first day of the iconic event.

Hosting a weekend-long Comic-Con party on their “Superyacht” BudTrader Liquidity, they’ve received two warnings from the Marina Police and one from Comi-Con organizers for the energetic party. Sandwiched between the IMDB and Turner yachts, the BudTrader boat is a huge hit (no pun intended).

Located at the exclusive 5th Avenue Landing (immediately behind the San Diego Convention Center) where the annual event is held, BudTrader had guests from the two neighboring yachts looking over the sides wantingly. At one point, Paul Verra  BudTrader’s director of promotions felt bad and brought a couple of the IMDB guys aboard for a tour, introductions to the BudTrader Babes and a little partying.

5th Avenue Landing Staff the slips are usually booked up to 1 year in advance and are typically reserved for Hollywood Movie Studios and Media Conglomerates, but due to a last minute cancellation, Brad McLaughlin, CEO of BudTrader was able to sneak in under the radar with less that 7 days to plan his shananigans,

The weekend-long party is accessible by invite only. The Yacht with its 2 decks, bar and Jacuzzi will serve as a hub to top cannabis brands, investors, and celebrity pot connoisseurs. Early RSVPs include Hip Hop Stars, former NFL and NBA athletes, 420 book, Major Cannabis investors and Cannabis Friendly Celebrities.

The event lasts, from Thursday, July 20 through Saturday, July 22. VIP Guests can get their hands on BudTrader swag bags full of the highest quality cannabis products, along with first-look new product exclusives only available at the BudTrader Comic-Con Yacht Party. In the evening, rub elbows with A-List VIPs and the world famous “BudTrader Babes”.

Nearly 200,000 attendees are expected to flock to the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con 2017 and are expected to spend nearly $100,000,000 over the course of the weekend.

Described by some as “Craigslist of Cannabis”, allows members to post and respond to ads for medical marijuana products and services. The site has grown exponentially in the first half of 2017, and now draws well over 8 million page views monthly, with roughly 1,000,000 registered users. CEO Brad McLaughlin has used his new public platform to advocate passionately for safe access to medical marijuana across the country, and has begun to mold the BudTrader brand into a media powerhouse with the planned launch of BudTrader TV later this summer, which will feature original content from a variety of creators on the subject of cannabis.