Troy Joseph Flowers

Troy Joseph Flowers

Architect of Opportunity

Troy Bio

Grown-Up Metal Head, Purveyor of Fine Times, Man of Mayhem and Architect of Opportunity. Just you’re everyday average normal guy.

A dad, a husband, a patriots fan, who drinks a little too much, stays up a little too late and Listens to music a little too LOUD.

I love what I do!
I build things, I build companies, I build brands….

And I think, if you track with me you’ll learn a few things. Or at least maybe enjoy the ride, Unless you’re a stiff!!!

Then this site is not for you.

Kelly Flowers

Kelly Flowers

business writer, novelist, poet & essayist

Kelly Bio

By day, I’m a business writer doing
über cool stuff like writing press releases,
ad copy, business plans
and magazine articles.

But by night, I’m a novelist/poet/essayist
that enjoys falling into
writing time warps.

Making the Pieces Fit

Troy Flowers


Just your everyday, ordinary, average guy. A dad. A husband. A Patriots fan. Drinks a little too much. Stays up a little too late. Listens to music a little too loud. But…. I love what I do! I build things. I build companies. I build brands…. And I think, if you track with me, you’ll learn a few things. Or at least maybe enjoy the ride. Unless you’re a stiff. Then this site is not for you.

Troy Flowers


  • The Pulse – People and companies in the news. Current events relevant to the overall culture/tone of the website.
  • Incubator – fledging companies that have one of my three requirements for a solid project. Just need a little work or a little time.
  • Shark Tank – I’m channeling my inner Daymond John. Because the guy’s the best!
  • Investment – money bags have strings. How, where and why I invest.
  • For the Heck of It – I like this idea but…

Troy Flowers


Movers and Shakers – CEOs or small companies that are ahead of the crowd. Venturing into uncharted territory. Filling a need

The Diamonds are in the Diligence

  • Movers and Shakers – some people follow the beat. Some people make it.
  • Start Up -Pretty obvious. Little company, big dreams.
  • DItheR – Diamond In the Rough
  • Business Advice – what I’ve learned over the years.

Troy Flowers


  • Cool Stuff– Things I find interesting in new companies or new company ideas. Disruptive technology and thinking… solutions
  • After Hours – I have stuff to say/vent/share about really important things. Like how Randy Rhodes could play guitar or Jeff Sessions is in a time warp…
  • Sports – The Patriots ARE America’s team! Nuff said …..
Troy Flowers


GONE DARK is the first novel I’ve written but it was such a roller coaster of transcendence and frustration, I’ll probably write another. What else am I am going to do with me life, right? Oh kids. I also have kids. So there’s that.

Troy Flowers


GONE DARK tells the story of Sam, a haole (foreigner/white person) teenage girl who feels trapped in small town Hawaii. Sam’s mother, Carol, a seemingly selfless woman with a compulsion to fix wounded animals, has committed to rehabilitate an affable, lifelong methamphetamine addict named Brandon. Unbeknownst to Sam, her mother has been carefully hiding from a dangerous past for over a decade, a betrayal that will undermine everything Sam knows about her own life. When Carol’s past finds her, she must choose to confront her fears or follow her instinct to run, with the fate of a broken man, and the relationship with her daughter, hanging in the balance.

Told from multiple perspectives, each character lends a faceted picture of addiction, life in the islands of Hawaii, the notion of home and the power of fear. The setting in Hawaii is, in itself, a dominant character in the story, with the rich use of the local dialect, pidgin, throughout. Hawaii has a natural juxtaposition of struggle and acceptance; paradise and poverty, with a delicate tension between locals and foreigners and a deep undercurrent of drugs and addiction.

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